Gripen Nerf Incoming

If you haven’t seen this already I thought it was hilarious.

I mentioned to someone awhile ago that if the UK gets any good vehicles they get sent to BR hell or nerfed into oblivion.

And this seems to be the case again. Since this vehicle is not a US/RU vehicle it will be sent up in BR and nerfed.
I don’t know what flight model changes they have made but I assume it’s only going to get worse from here.


Its flight performance got nerfed in pretty much every single parameter, it was UFO but another nerfs are not accurate at all if they happen.


It’s just funny instead of moving everything up to 12.7 to decompress the BRs they nerf the gripen.


The flight model nerf has been implemented for a few days now. It was based on various bug reports people submitted.


Well, first nerf is somewhat realistic, by how much ,we dont know. Another one would be pure BS. It acts like plane now. It just happens its being flown by players playing nations that had absolute trash for months and years and are generally WAAAAY above average US/Russian main in skill.
Like… i had 3… 3 god damn F15 dogfighting me comming one by one basically. Why the hell are you dogfighting gripen in F15A and one by one? Where is the logic in that.


Yep, they are just use to every encounter being an easy, one sided fight. And now it’s not, they have no idea what to do. I managed to win a head-on fight vs an Su27 yesterday in the Tornado Gr1 🤣


I feel like they actually maybe fixed the tornado f3s radar because I have been demolishing all the top tier jets with super temps.

I had mixed success when I tried to run it the other day in SB. Every missile I fired nose dived. So I don’t know personally. But again, that might just be SB being well… SB

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I won’t gajin nerf SAAF Gripen C again and hope increase to 12.7 BR in next year but not sure the first major update or second major update, change targeting pod from Litening II to Litening III, change radar to PS-05/A Mk.3 radar and in the future IRIS-T or A-Darter replace AIM-9M

And gajin consider active radar homing BVRAAM Rb.99 (AIM-120B) replacement Rb.71/Skyflash but remove Rb.74(M) from JAS39A Gripen because never access infrared Air-to-Air Missile with IRCCM, and not change battle rating Air AB & Air RB

Yeah if they are really close it tends to grab into the ground but I found using acm mode is generally more reliable since you’re not shooting an super temp if you can’t see them anyways.

Isn’t it like better than F16C, but slightly worse than F16A Block 10/15 now in dogfights now?

It’s lacking in top speed, had a massive drag nerf and it’s pretty much incapable of BVR until Fox 3 arrive (at which point it may be on par with other jets, but still lacking in the amount of missiles).

How are we ever going to progress with new jet additions to the game when every time they add a new slightly better jet/missile people are screaming for them to be dragged/nerfed down to the level of the current jets?

Current full flight model for the Gripen is classified, and its current performance in game is justified - the only reason they would nerf it would be for “balance”, in which case it goes back to the paragraph above…

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Yeah, if it’s RU/US they just don’t do anything or buff them. Meanwhile our first capable UK plane and they nerf it.

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Yeah, GOD FORBID a nation that’s not USA/USSR gets a jet at the current meta before they are 1 generation ahead…


You speak of heresy.

Gripen smokes all F16s in low speed BFM. What F16 cant do is run really low fuel as it guzzles it down hard. at speed, they are more or less comparable but low and slow, Gripen can point its nose and turn at low speeds unlike all F16s, well flown F16 might stand a chance if it energy traps gripen but then we are back to low fuel state. This type of fight usually happens near end of the match and you run around 3-6 mins of fuel in gripen so it holds speed even in vertical.
Its literally F5E / J7E of top tier. You cant touch enemies at range but if they close in and stay close, they die. I dont see a problem. In gripen, you kinda have to work for kills. I flew two consecutive flanker battles with 6 and 5 kills… that thing is - fly straight, not much turns and kill anyone flying more than 100 meters above ground with ER…
And gripen? launched R73 in rear aspect through preflaring with radar lockon, easily killing him at 700 meters.

Well don’t get slow in F16 then ig. Gotta fly your aircraft to its strengths.


Before this update, it was not uncommon for US F16 pilots to have a 100% win rate in Simulator battles, I’ll reiterate - 100 percent win rate… It’s comical to me that for Gaijin suddenly the Gripen is being a problem for being slightly better (keep in mind it’s still useless at bvr) when they didn’t even bat an eye at the 100% win rate F16’s for the past few months in sim lol


US/USSR out perform every other nation

the other 8 nations: “Can we please have something equal or can you address this problem in anyway”
Gaijin: “What problem?”

A nation other than US/USSR does well

Gaijin: “We are so sorry US and USSR, I cant beleive we let this happen, here take this buff and this buff and this buff and we’ll nerf them into the ground. Dont worry, we’ll give you a nice new shiny toy next update and you’ll dominate again”


genuinely dont know how this is interpreted as “we will nerf the gripen”…

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12.7 wouldn’t be a nerf, that’d be a buff.
Keep baiting I guess.

Increasing a vehicles BR is always a nerf. Never a buff.

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