Gripen C addition

I know this is going to sound dumb but when the Gripen C comes I assume the next update as I thought Gaijin said it would will it recieve any new weaponry or anything new at all as we already have the C in the game for the UK tree now and it is pretty much at the moment a carbon copy of the A. I’m just intrigued with what the point of adding the Gripen C to Sweden is next update if the current Gripens are both pretty much the same. I already have the Gripen for Sweden and I don’t see the point of grinding the Gripen C when it comes if it’s like a ‘slight’ engine buff per say. I was thinking of any other weaponry but I don’t think we will be getting AMRAAMS yet thay may be a bit mental. I suppose the C has better Mavericks, I think? They are Mav A’s on the Gripen for Sweden? Then again though I’d just used guided bombs at that point. I don’t know. What do you all think about the Gripen C coming to Sweden next update cause I don’t really see much of the point of it being added if it is a really minimal change for now. I quite enjoy the A currently. :)