Grining subsonic planes at high BR is brutal

Trying to grind out the su-25bm and 90% of the time i get killed before i even pass friendly bases. Trying to just get to ground targets not even a base and i can get 3 or 5 ground kills in before i just get swarmed and killed. Its just going to take so long to spade this plane and almost just want to quit playing it.

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Its any ground attack aircraft. The issue is that RB is not designed for them at all. Id recommend checking out ASB. Its super easy grinding attack aircraft in that gamemode. But they really need to add an RB EC gamemode as well.

Though I do think they need to buff the stock A2G loadout on most ground attack aircraft. My recent brutal experience was the Jaguar Gr1, which gets no seconday weapons at all (AAMs or bombs or rockets) and it was really brutal gunfighting in that thing