Grinding Sweden

Hows those that are and have grinding sweden getting on?. I am close to entering rank 4 just need to finish off Strv 74 and ill have a 2 tank line up to grind the other 2 Pbv 501 and Bkan 1c

You will soon be able to enjoy Strv103 :D

I can make a line up with the t54 are they good ill look forward to it if they are

Boy, do I hate fighting that thing. The transmission eats everything you hit it with, the rest of the tank just ricochets everything else you throw at it.

It’s not that good. I reached the Bkan and Pbv 501 but none of the lineups seem satisfying so far.
Their 8.0 consists of the worst 8.0s (T-54 non stab and Centurion 105), with the uptiered Strv103. 8.7 seems better but none of it feels like it’d be as satisfying as it was playing China.

China was a lot better.

How does it ricochetes everything it has no armour?

rank 5 and 6 are really fun to play :) just try to not unlock a to high BR vehicle in your lineup, its hard to fight higher BR vehicles around there :)

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T54 is reasonably good but nothing special I guess. Other than strv103, SW light tanks are the most capable ones in the game. If you aim for the top tier, then go with CV90120 first - it will make your grinding much easier and enjoyable.

Currently on the T-55 for Finland, I have the T-80U, Ct-Cv 105, and close to the Strv 105.

Whenever you get hit, lose gun breech, or lose engine, change 103 into a hull down position using hull aiming. It will form a nicely tilted surface toward the ground and bounce everything for you except for some of the HE/HEAT shells. I recommend you set a short cut for switching on/off hull-aiming mode. Turning off hull-aiming will slightly increase the maneuverability, while turning it on you can easily move into a hull down position by aiming at the ground right in front of you.

Thanks m8, i wonderd what hull aiming mode key bind was for, i guess its for tanks with adjustable suspension

I have found that the Swedish ground tree is quite nice now that Finland is added, but it can be quite rough. Notably, the Bkan 1C will not be fun to space becaue it has no lineup.

Cant the Pbv 501 and charioteer line up with it?

Oh true the Pbv 501 does exist. Still, you do have to uptier the Bkan 1C to 6.7 to make that work.

6.7 typo?

Oh wait the Bkan 1C is 6.3. It’s the Pbv 501 that’s 6.7. I forgot.

Exactly, so whenever you feel “life-threaten”, do this:

Note that I bound the hull aiming to F4.

Wow, So thats how the Swedish do it 😆

I’ve gotten a nuke with the PBV 501, it was a single lineup, just the PBV 501 and the J-21RB, got a nuke, really didn’t expect it.

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Ive got my self the SK60B, how do i take out radar guided SPAA, do i dive down from above, even if i try low level i get shot down