Grinding helicopters with planes

I just unlocked every possible plane in US tech tree. My RP from now on will be just “wasted”. Please let veteran players grind helicopters with aircrafts once they are all unlocked (or even better make it just like with the ground forces - tick “research helicopters with aircraft”).



Planes actually earn some half decent RP, that’s why they’re not allowed to and instead it’s the atrocious grind for ground that is tasked with an additional 2-3 million RP per tree stacked on top of it.

At the same time as the RP reduction btw.

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A wish there was a Sim PvE mode for helicopters. I’d definitely spend some time there.

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Agree, we gotta go into the atrocious heli pve mode to unlock modules anyways (or just pay loooool) if they want us to play heli pve.

No reason we shouldnt be allowed to research helis with other aircraft.

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Actually boosting the RP gain from the Heli PVE like 500% would be a much better solution. At least players would have a reason to play it. Playing in tanks are much efficient and less time-consuming than Heli PVE when it comes to researching helicopters.

I spent like 2 hours in the Heli PVE and earned 6.5k RP.
(Played with Bo-105 PAH and researching the next Bo-105)

But in Ground RB, an average battle last 15–20 minutes and I get like 2-4k RP per battle. Basically, you can earn like 20k RP in 2 hours with playing Ground RB.
(Played with 9.7 - 10.3 line up)

(No premium vehicle or account applied for these calculations)

The fact that you can already grind helicopters with tanks is bad enough.

Being able to do with planes where RP gain is superior would be tragic

Which isn’t even viable because you get paired with premium top tier helicopters in your garbage stock heli.

Let me use my RP from planes that right now goes for nothing to unlock helis. Its ridiculus all my RP goes to waste when I could unlock something with it.

Thats true!

I have to wonder why Gaijin even released Heli’s?.. Since they don’t really seem to want us to unlock them.

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They could add -50% research efficiency when researching with planes, it would be better than nothing and I hate how when I play CAS with plane while grinding helis, I get zero RP for that…

They just need to sort it out, the current situation is a joke with how bad the heli mode is, dumping millions of RP on top of the ground grind is also a joke, not allowing planes is a joke, the RP requirement for every crappy helicopter is a joke, borderline duplicate helicopters are a joke.

Having to research an entire helicopter to get a slight module upgrade, insanity.
Not even a folder, just 800k RP for 9.3 helis.



Yep, same with USA. These two Huey’s should be foldered as there’s very little change in between them, the second one has more zoom and slightly better missiles.


And the stock grind is just outrageous, each requiring 300K RP, even the lower rank ones! That is more than what top tier Tanks and Planes require, while you get 4 times less RP for each kill in GRB and it costs more SP to spawn in the first place.

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I’ll ask it here since i have no idea whatsoever if there’s an actual forum about this… why does the grind for helis seem so long? i’ve been grinding the Z-10 line (using tanks) for a while and even considering good results in my matches it feels extremely long. Also why does the jump between different helis go from 390k RP required for a 11.3 Heli to 400k RP for a 11.7 heli?
Planes requirements go from 350k to 400k when we consider the same battle ratings…

The amount of RP required is based on how many vehicles are in the tree. So the more the less RP required per vehicle.

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I can see where this makes sense.

The problem is, unlike planes or tanks, there aren’t that many Heli’s. Personally I wish they would rework the amount of RP needed for Heli’s. Since they will never reach the numbers of other vehicles.

Yeah it feels awkward to grind for helis… and the fact that i would love to use the Z-10 makes it annoying.

In current Heli PVE you get max ~2.300 RP each 10min if you continuously do stuff, so yeah best case you get 14k per hour which is still pretty low when you need hundred thousands for the next heli