Grinding helicopters with planes

I just unlocked every possible plane in US tech tree. My RP from now on will be just “wasted”. Please let veteran players grind helicopters with aircrafts once they are all unlocked (or even better make it just like with the ground forces - tick “research helicopters with aircraft”).



Planes actually earn some half decent RP, that’s why they’re not allowed to and instead it’s the atrocious grind for ground that is tasked with an additional 2-3 million RP per tree stacked on top of it.

At the same time as the RP reduction btw.

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A wish there was a Sim PvE mode for helicopters. I’d definitely spend some time there.

Agree, we gotta go into the atrocious heli pve mode to unlock modules anyways (or just pay loooool) if they want us to play heli pve.

No reason we shouldnt be allowed to research helis with other aircraft.

Actually boosting the RP gain from the Heli PVE like 500% would be a much better solution. At least players would have a reason to play it. Playing in tanks are much efficient and less time-consuming than Heli PVE when it comes to researching helicopters.

I spent like 2 hours in the Heli PVE and earned 6.5k RP.
(Played with Bo-105 PAH and researching the next Bo-105)

But in Ground RB, an average battle last 15–20 minutes and I get like 2-4k RP per battle. Basically, you can earn like 20k RP in 2 hours with playing Ground RB.
(Played with 9.7 - 10.3 line up)

(No premium vehicle or account applied for these calculations)

The fact that you can already grind helicopters with tanks is bad enough.

Being able to do with planes where RP gain is superior would be tragic

Which isn’t even viable because you get paired with premium top tier helicopters in your garbage stock heli.