Grinding advice (GROUND)

Im researching the HSTVL and am wondering if anyone has any tips for grinding ground.


  1. realistic has better rewards than arcade
  2. the higher the br of vehicles used the greater the rewards
  3. talismans

I would also like tips of ground (I have always mainly played air) as well so feel to add those too

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If you want to make the grind seem less daunting, do daily challenges and battlepass challenges in ground mode. It gives you another goal to work toward instead of just mindlessly killing stuff.

buy a premium


kvt best grinder i think

Use headphones. It helps out a lot.
Know your tank and enemy tanks weak points and stats (you don’t have to look in the hanger, you’ll learn these very fast)


Also memorize tank engine sounds so u know how to react and where to shoot


Oh yeah that’s good too. It’s a little harder than just finding weak spots but you can do it after time. If you hear a vacuum cleaner it’s the type 63 or ZTS63. If you hear a messed up lawnmower it’s a Pt-76. If you hear nascar it’s the fox or weasel :)


if u hear jet its abrams or t-80

Def not a jet coming to absolutely destroy you XD

realistic doesn’t have better rewards, you just get more time to do more things, like capping, scouting, killing tanks, etc, but this might be old wisdoms, pretty sure the economy has changed alot for this to be outdated, best way is prob just to play with a premium account or a premium or some gimmicky tactic, what gimmick? idk :D

It does give better rewards than arcade

Camping lol, works every time XD

It very objectively does. It has higher reward multipliers.

  1. Get a premium
  2. Also get a Premium vehicle if you can
  3. Watch out for the BR penalties (since you’re researching the HSTV-L, don’t use any Tier V vehicle)
  4. Preferably,also use the M3A3 Bradley if you can,since you got a passive 130% RP bonus because it’s the vehicle that is before the one you’re researching

A good tank lineup would be formed by at least the M3A3 Bradley and either the M1 KVT or the Wolfpack (or both,if you have the money to spend). The Bradley is 10.0,but once you get the APFSDS belt and the TOW-2B it can work very well at 10.3 and above (if you pair it with the M1 KVT). Same thing goes with the Wolfpack: it’s 10.0,same BR as the Bradley,and its M900 gets the job done ALWAYS

Oh,and one more thing: have a daily goal in mind. I usually tell to myself to grind at least 20k RP everyday,so you don’t start to lose your mind over the constant Top-Tier grinding.

It’s a 110% rp multiplier, not 130%.

Not a huge difference compared to other vehicles, but better than nothing, right?

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110%?why i thought it was 130%?

Whatever,it still doubles your RP income which is massive imo,even if you play it like a mediocre player (1-2 kills,one assist,not a lot),in GAB and without Premium and a talisman,it gets you 2500 RP minimum.

If you play really well and also with the same modifiers (GAB,no talisman and premium,which is my experience),you can get over 9k RP very very easily

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It does not double your RP income.
Think of it this way;
If I’m using an M1 Abrams to grind the HSTV-L, 100% of the RP earned for research is put towards the
HSTV-L, since it’s within the maximum research efficiency range of the Abrams. This is the usual research procedure.
However, I if instead am using the M3A3 Bradley to grind the HSTV-L, 110% of the RP earned for research is put towards it, since the Bradley gets the research bonus (10%) towards the HSTV-L.
It’s a 10% increase in research efficiency, not a 130% or 110% increase.

I hope that clears it up!

Are you sure about that? because in my field experience,the discrepancy by using a vehicle with the bonus research and a vehicle without it is very big to justify a simple 10% increase (considering the same RP gain for both cases)

Just curious, nothing more. Because if i recall correctly,Gaijin introduced this mechanic to incentivize players to grind every branch of a tree without leaving a hole

I’m sure.
"Using the previous vehicle in the line to research the next vehicle has a bonus of +30% RP gain in Arcade Battles, and a +10% RP gain in Realistic/Simulator Battles. "
WT Wiki
It’s however a 30% bonus in AB, perhaps you got the 130% from there?
But overall, if the bonus is 10% or 30%, that means the research efficiency is 110% and 130%. It doesn’t mean you get an extra 110% or 130% on top of what you normally would get.

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Ooooh okay i got it now. Well, since i remembered the 30% bonus right,that explain the “discrepancy” i was saying earlier

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