I want to ask why its necessary to have this level of grinding in a game, i have played some of the worst games such as new world yet they are completable within 200hr, meanwhile warthunder has an obsession with making the game unfun, adding new this and that while quietly suggesting to pay for their game, i can understand a f2p game needs to make money, but there are better ways of doing this

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there are better ways of doing this

There aren’t really particularly better ways than this.

Step 1: Ignore the grind and play for the fun
Step 2: Have fun
Step 3: Oh look you have completed a tech tree.

in another note, just grab premiums on sales or premium time, grind events, there’s literally every couple months or so events that give you high tier vehicles that can be sold on the marketplace (given you are on PC) the grind is much better now, trust me on this, it used to be really, REALLY bad.

yo can someone tell me what is a grind?