Grind Events are skipped

As a dedicated player, I have noticed that certain events are being skipped without any prior information or explanation. Previously, it was communicated that events would rotate every 16-18 days, with a few days in between for rest.

Here is a summary of the recent events:

  1. Tank: Call of the Dragon: Earn the Object 292
  2. Jet: Sword of Justice: Earn Jaguar IS
  3. Ship: Imperial Flagship: SMS Baden
  4. Tank: Inferno Cannon: PLZ83-130
  5. Plane/Jet: Legend of Victory: Eremin’s Yak-3
  6. (Skipped): Ships - No information provided
  7. Tank: Operation Overlord: Churchill AVRE “Petard” (Ended June 17)

Today is June 23, and we have not received any updates or information about the upcoming events. The lack of consistency in scheduling is impacting the daily engagement of players. The random timing and types of events, along with the occasional skipping of events, is causing confusion.

Is there a roadmap that outlines when and what type of events (Tank, Plane, Ship) will be launched? While we do not need to know the specific details of upcoming events, having a general idea of the event type and schedule would be greatly appreciated. This information would help maintain player engagement and ensure a better experience for all.

Was announced:


Exactly. They already said we’d have a ship event after the 1 month break.

Just fingers crossed its an actually interesting ship that was worth the wait. Like a good Italian cruiser and not some Soviet coastal thing

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If all of it is already planned out, I don’t know why they can’t just post this planning and say when events are starting and ending.

It’s some slow ship since it takes that long to sail to us)

Idk most likely it will be a sistership of already existing in-game vessel. Talking about Italy, it can be Gorizia or Fiume of Zara class heavy cruisers, but nothing something completely new to the game, not San Giorgio, Regina Elena/Margherita, Pisa and etc.
Though it can also be Bari cruiser (ex-German SMS Pillau) or just one of Condottieri.

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They explained it, you might have missed it.
Though IMO not having constant events is a good thing. I got pretty sick of it already to the point I don’t even want to play the game anymore. Hope they either reduce the amount of events or go back to the previous way of doing them.

It was a nice attempt and I like the effort of trying new things, but this is a dead end.

I think after the Chinese TD and the Yak flopped (if you go by the market prices) the snail had to realise that a ship event that already hardly attracts any players has no positive effect on the currently stagnating player numbers. Hence the long desired Churchill AVRE … but I think many here have also realised how useless this tank actually is and that it is at best a troll meme vehicle.
The event cycle is hard for people with little time and if you weigh up time against money, it is often cheaper to dust off the vehicles on the marketplace. BUT … I think that’s exactly the point. Money …

Check the site news. No naval event was announced and new events are announced something like a week before event starts.

I don’t understand why people bother much with these events in the first place. By putting effort into them you’re just enticing Gaijin further with this terribly unhealthy game plan of back2back events.


There are currently limited activities available. During events, participation is often mandatory, even if you’re not interested in specific activities like playing with jets. At the moment, there is no World War Event, so the primary focus is on grinding through the Nations. Which is BORING!

I’m hoping it’s Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya, as she was on one of the recent reliable leak lists, and with two of her sisters in the tree and the third a regular premium she’d be less-bad as a time-limited unlock.


I rather like the new single-event layout, it means there’s always something new floating around, but it’s also easy to simply skip the ones which don’t interest you.

Soviets have had a million event vehicles recently. Would be nice if other nations got them once in a blue moon.

Yep. Same goes with UK

Yep. I agree. I think we have a chance of another naval thing sooner rather than later. But Britain has gotten more event vehicles this year than they have in recent years combined

(althoguh all 3 were pretty bad. HMS Renown is a glass canon that can be taken out by any heavy cruiser with ease, due to bugs that they wont fix. Jaguar IS is just unplayable and Peratd is a meme tank never designed for tank vs tank combat and was never going to be good)

Italian Cruiser of some description is my guess

im happy theres a longer break, the event grind is not doable for casual players and not fun for more hardcore players alike. i doubt the score needed is going to become more accessible so its better to be further apart