Great job devs

Hey devs, I just wanted to say that you did an AMAZING job with this update! The weapons sound amazing, the new vehicle modules look really well done, the new models look great, and I enjoy the new mechanics and Interface! Sure there are some balancing issues and bugs but that’s expected for an update and overall this was a great update 😀👍.

(Ps. If you could please move the m26 Pershing down to 6.3 br, thanks)

Hehe, audio for any aircraft weapons are GONE for me lol

Isn’t it just yesterday that they reverted the sound to how it was before the update? but they retains some new jet and missile sounds. I’m glad that they undone some sound changes because it was so bad especially the explosions and main cannon sound, and the artillery sounds like my neighbour’s dog barking non-stop.

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I have been busy this week and just got to play today. Either way they sound a lot better than they did before this update lol

Weird I can still hear them on Xbox.

Never consider the balance, they don’t care and just ask the statistic analysis to do it.

They don’t. It had more ting, punch, and pow now they sound like a rubber genetic slipper with bass, echo, and reverb. Meanwhile cutting off so poorly that it doesn’t feel like you fired a gun. To put it simple terms look below.

While irl sounds curve constantly before ending with a flat tone. That either echos or reverbs in the distance. Roar in a way for many to hear.