Great emblem of Airborne Force

Hi, where is the official news for this? Why it is already ended (24h event never happened)?

I was playing russian deck since hour now before I check it but it is ended so I still can wait after.

WTF Gaijin?

@Stona_WT thx

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The news only showed on the Russian language version of the site, Декаль на День ВДВ - Новости - War Thunder

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And? It’s a game, and every military events are parts of it.

Politic is not allowed here.


Anyway, it is very strange that we haven’t the time to see that there is an event ingame, before it end. I’m not an russian main (french, actually) but I like to get all those little things we can earn ingame by playing everyday.

So I’m disapointed to miss one only because it was a 24h “event”.

And I ask for that.

I’ll be less (disapointed) if we have another chance to get past content, I think it is a major issue right now, there is so much ingame hidden content we can’t get our hands on. I hope one day we’ll can get all those things we missed back again (from my beloved BP french vehicule to other randoms things)

NB: I’m sorry for my un-understable english.

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I very much agree with this there needs to be someway for newer players to get previous and now hidden content. However it is fair for some content to be longer obtainable such as the e100 or some non-vehicle event prizes. It was also strange that the ‘event’ behind this decal was only shown on the russian War thunder site, kind of how the Special T-34-85e pack was originally supposed to happen (Only for players with Russian as their ingame language). I don’t think it was shown in any datamines as well which is equally strange.

And your english is quite understandable

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