Great britian tanks

these need revisiting as I feel the current status of great britian tanks/plan/ships are below the other countries.
it would be good if dev’s could try these for themselves and would see ehat i mean

Revisited in what way? British ground vehicles are getting changed pretty consistently. On the dev server, if I remember correctly, the Challenger 2’s UFP can stop 3BM60 and Britain is getting the F.V. 721 Fox. In what way should they be revisited?

e.g The Conway was meant to attempt to up-gun the Centurion with a 120mm gun mounted in a large turret, this vehicle was needed to counter the [IS-3]and other heavily armoured Soviet heavy tanks. I Know the FV4004 interim design until the Heavy, Conqueror was ready. The Conway was based on a Centurion Mk 3 chassis, which was slightly modified.
The fv4202 missing its 84 mm Ordnance QF 20 pounder model B and Secondary .30 Browning coaxial machine gun is just a few examples