Graphics settings explanation

Can someone explain what each graphics setting exactly does? Preferably with screenshots showing the difference.

While some are obvious and you can see the difference, others doesn’t seem to do anything other than eat fps. For example i have no idea what small object shadows, reflection quality or physics quality sliders do.

For some settings like terrain quality there seems to be no difference between 2nd and 4th step on the ground, only in the air the difference is that on 2nd step there is massive preformance boost (with barely noticable quality decrease), but also you can see ground loading in as you turn your camera, which is annoying.

The only graphics settings guides i found were from 2013-2016 and are completely outdated, so if there are some fresh ones please link them here. I don’t mean guides how to turn off grass to see enemies or how to turn on ulq for more fps.

This one is only 8 months old, and does a decent job: Pro Graphics and Sound settings

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Thank you. I still don’t know what reflection quality does, but it has cleared some things up for me.

By the way don’t use ssaa x4 + taa like the guy in the video. Use nvidia dsr x4 + dlss for ultimate anti-aliasing. It introduces some artifacts, but overall it’s better. The cleanest anti-aliasing i’ve seen.