Graphics issue: Popup textures, terrain line etc

Ive just gotten my new pc with a 4070ti gpu. Game is runnin smooth but Im experiencing issues with the graphics when loadin in battles, most noticeable in ground battles.
When driving around I see textures popup, on ground, buildings and foliage. The terrain also keep changing where i also see lines like it is updating the looks of the terrain 2-3 meters ahead of my vehicle.
Is it just the game? or is it because of my pc? Dont know if the memory bus of 192-bit is makin this issue? Ive tried to reinstall the game, updated and reinstalled drivers and nothin helps.
Am I the only one experincing this? and is there a solution to this?

Thanks in advance! And happy new year to y’all!

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Try using Alt+R to show the performance overlay it might help you to understand part of the issues you’re facing.

the 99th percentile FPS should allow you to figure out if it’s micro-stuttering or somesuch, which is usually a good indication of some kind of bottleneck. It’s just some useful information to help you and others figure out what’s the deal.

Could be a SSD/HDD issue where it’s unable to load in LOD data as quickly as the game asks it to. If you spin your view around does the game lag more? Have you opened the task manager and made a note of if anything is maxing out during these moments of stuff loading in?

I’m not a gaijin tech support guy or anything so don’t take me seriously, but I’m giving some ideas of what could be helpful information.

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99% is around 125 or above. only sometimes fps drop 4-6fps when spinning the view but dosent feel like laggin.

only have ssd where the game is installed on a samsung 980 1TB ssd

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windows system runnin on another ssd

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hmm tried another match where it actually dipped below 100 to around 96 fps for the 99% fps

Do you mean it drops BY 5 fps or it drops TO 5 fps?

by 5fps

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I assume you’re running the game totally maxed out? Vsync on or so? NVIDIA Reflex set to boost?

near maxed out.
fps cant run consistently e.g. if foliage is detailed and on max

You’ve got some high refresh rate monitor?

144hz 1440p

ah ok. I’m surprised then that such a GPU is struggling to get 144 fps at such a resolution.

Have you tried running the ingame benchmarks?
They’re available from the main menu in the top left, here under the “Battles” part.

I recommend the “Modern Conflict” one as the others seem ancient and are long to run.

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might have to do with havin SSAA on 4x?

Well yeah that will BY FAR trash the performance for very little visual gain. Try running the game using the newfangled DLSS NVIDIA is so proud of.

problem is I still experience the popup and lines on terrain without it on.

well in my experience popup should be caused by the game asking for more information than the SSD can rapidly send to the RAM and V-RAM. So it’s either your hardware or the game engine not using it correctly.

I suppose a symptom would be if your SSD read rate plateus at a level below its maximum.

You can set Task Manager to be “Always on top” like so using the cog in the bottom left corner.

So that you can watch what’s going on during a benchmark or something, but you won’t experience a performance drop because the game will still be “in-focus” but you can see the task manager above it.

Got same GPU, I do not see issues with textures.
Please provide screenshot of your in game settings.