Got the new reserve Japanese destroyer automatically added - Problem is, I didn't want it

I wish they would just make it a 0 SL purchase option instead of just adding it to your stable.

A few weeks ago, they added a French reserve destroyer the same way.

If you want to promote Naval mode, I don’t like it and don’t think this is a good way to do it.

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I don’t quite see how this is a complaint.

It doesn’t take anything away from you and basically just gave you a free vehicle, regardless of whether you’re using it or not.
It doesn’t even really promote naval either, really don’t understand what the issue is.


It doesn’t matter whether it is naval, aircraft or armor. I don’t like them adding stuff automatically. It is an opinion and a preference. Your opinion is acknowledged.

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Rude, I proposed a serious question.


Well thank to you to add your inane will to not make this thread a debate, instead of insulting people,…

If you have Reserve Boat, you’re not forced to play them.

You can just leave it be.


I don’t understand how this is a problem…? It does nothing to you…

As everyone else is saying, just don’t use it, dude. Simple as is, this isn’t a complaint or constructive criticism, this is you just saying “I don’t like it, change it”. The game is not centered around you therefore they do not need to change how they do things for anyone.

If there is a demand for a change then they will consider it, if there is not, there not obligated by any means.

game falls apart on so many levels, and this dude has issue with additional reserve destroyer…


Use her. Great fun, quite a challenge.