Got chat-banned again for saying

got chat banned for 30d because i said in a chat

" Gaijin is no more creative and just adds Copy paste vehicles like kungstiger "

im honestly surprised. i get banned for saying the truth.


Freedom of speech hits hard

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Don’t disregard but person below me got deleted.

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Never said I’ve seen it

I don’t believe that is all that you said, or that that’s what got you chat banned.


Fanbois never do.

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What do you mean by that?

I’ve seen multiple instances just like this, where someone claims that criticizing the game got them chat banned, but in reality they were throwing insults around to other players or staff members.


Confirmation bias of a fanboi.


lol’d, pwnt.

Feel free to leave me a private message, and I am happy to discuss your chat devoice reasons with you; I am very sure the reason you have posted here is not the true reason. :)))


The only mod that I’ve seen to call someone on there shiz and see through, nice job!

Where are you getting the idea that in a fanboy for Gaijin?

I think some decisions they make are just stupid, and I am not afraid the criticize Gaijjn.

Really, do you think that saying something, getting reported (with LOGs) and then jumping here and lying is going to change anything in your case?

  1. You get Chat ban for this:

Mr QWQ youre cancer kys

  1. Now you will get ban on forum for rule breaking.

Do not return to chat or forum with such a broken attitude.

Take care.