Google Chrome Problem

Lately, when I play WT my computer will sometimes spontaneously switch to an open Google Chrome page. I play in full screen, so when this happens in the middle of a match, I almost always die or get damaged to the point where my death is only seconds away. I don’t know why it does this, I’ve tried searching online but I haven’t found anything. Anyone know why this keeps happening?

I’d try Firefox because Chrome is notoriously memed for hogging resources.

But I also feel I had something like this happening with chrome long ago which may have actually have been why I switched out in the first place.

Try closing Chrome from the background and not just individual windows.

Well the strange thing is this only seems to happen when I play 2 different games, WT and WOWS. I play other games but it never seems to happen at those times. I also doesn’t happen when I’m doing other things on my computer. And it only started happening recently, it wasn’t a problem in the past.

Does it switch to any random page? Does that page have any multimedia?

No, it always switches to the most recently viewed page that is still open, which is almost always my email.

I’d suggest Firefox again, as even googling ‘chrome stealing focus from game’ most of the results based around that sort of ‘situation’ comes back to it being a long standing issue with chrome.

Apparently Edge even runs chromium now, but I’d be wary of even looking at the old Internet Explorer derivative…