Good news! M1A2 additional hull armor is acknowledged!

See this bug report:

After days of searching Gaijin finally acknowledged that M1A2SepV1/2 has better hull armor !


I’ll be happy once the changes are actually made.

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Right? Watch them release an article about how “while they found the information good and credible, they feel like at this time, NATO MBTs are doing well, and after testing performing within the standards based on our statistics” Then pat us on the head for all the hard good work, and then continue to do nothing

Or just fix like 1/3rd of the armor and we have to kick and scream for the rest. Just you wait.

Just like how only rank 8 got APFSDS, when we were talking about the current game which is rank 7 lol

Looking forward to seeing what they do. But we arent stupid…

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well yeah, the stinger treatment.