Golden eagles

i tired to gift my friend golden eagles for his birthday but they showed up in my account and now i cant gift him something from his Wishlist because it is golden eagles i fell sad that he has no golden eagles and I don’t want to use them because i wonder if i am doing something wrong and i can gift him something with golden eagles

You can not gift golden eagles, you can only send pack vehicles. You would have to send him the cash or gift card for them to buy the GE. If you havent spent the GE you can always contact support and see if they will refund you.

If that is the case then the store checkout is deceptive, or badly designed.

I didn’t click further as I don’t want to accidentally buy GE (even for me) – but if it only tells you afterwards you can’t do it then the process needs a redesign.

There are a whole bunch of rules for gifting (being nice is hard it seems!, so it might have been something to do with that. Maybe OP put the wrong Player ID, or perhaps something like this occurred:

" Please note that the gift will be credited to the Recipient’s account only after his/her confirmation. If it was not confirmed in 14 days, the purchase will be credited to your account."

I’m pretty sure this is only if you use two different currencies

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Yea thats my bad, i was going to buy GE for my friend that is on XBOX, and they turned off the ability to gift GE on xbox live and completely spaced the actual store lol

After reading through all the rules and seeing the purchase screen, it’s not a “my bad” on your behalf, I think it’s more a case of bad UI design. They should change the first screens to be a ‘check eligibility’ or something, and include the basic stuff like “can’t gift to xbox/ps” / “recipient needs same currency” … not in separate little website link.

While I can understand the meaning behind the rules, they are quite specific and complicated.


I thought so, but wasn’t 100% certain

It’s been a headache on our group discord and has been a bit of a bust for our give-aways. They started the restrictions about a year and a half ago. The Gaijin claim is that people would take advantage of the currency exchange differences, but when you look at it logically it really makes little sense- they get GE sales either way.

For reference:

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Dang that sucks. I don’t have friends who would by me GE or packs though, so I’ve never had to deal with it :(

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