Glitch in war thunder shooting

I was playing ground rb and I shot (I usually have a lot of lag), but the game allowed me to shoot again, which let me kill the enemy, anyone know why this is as I feel like I cheated

masive packet losses are not solved for eu servers and eu players, i comented this on game chat and they banned me i play WT for 10 years but last 2 months is unplayable due to packet losses, they wont fix it and they let a lot of hackers to get in… they alway ban me fortelling the truth

The EU Servers have no Package Loss Problem. You have a Package Loss Problem.
Otherwise everyone would have it and I had absolutely NO package loss problems the last two months on EU servers. My Package loss is a consistent 0%.

Maybe try searching the problem at yourself (Router/Wifi/ISP) before you blame others.

appreciate the feedback

Eu servers have package loss problems, not only me, read others people posts and complains… dont be smart if you are not!!

Ah yeah, I just work in IT, but sure I am the “smart” dumb one.

If the Connection that goes this path:
WarThunder EU Servers → Lots of Cable → Some Internet Exchange close to their DC → Lots of Cable → Some other Internet Exchange nearest to you → Lots of Cable → Your ISP’s Datacenter → Lots of Cable → The Box in your street → Lots of Cable → Your Router → Some Cable/Wifi → Your Computer

has a problem and you blame it, without any ability to know where the problem occours, on Gaijin, then it just sounds uninformed.

Even if many players have the problem in the EU, it could be a Problem with your ISP that has not enough bandwidth between their Data Center and the relevant Internet Exchange (Like DE-CIX in FF/M).

On the other hand the fact that there are some (many) players that do not have this problem proves, that it can not be a problem with Gaijins infrastructure. Because if the error was there, everyone would have the exact same problem, which is not the case.

As only a select group of people have the problems it is far more likely that it is a problem with the Internet Exchange(So, basically their Country) or their ISP. Maybe it is even just a lot of people with internet problems at the same time, at least in Germany thats a common thing. You don’t know.

And then telling a company they have the problem, a problem (Packetloss) which any beginner Datacenter Engineer could detect (and fix) is just beyond crazy to me.
People seem to try to blame anyone, as long as they do not have to search the problems on their end… unbelievable

It is like you not having any water and then going instead to your water company to your local river authority, because surely because you have no water that must mean the river is empty (even though its clearly not)

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Feb 13

just started today suddenly, the ping is pretty stable at around 40, but randomly in midgame the pl start increasing from 0 to 3-50, and eventually kick me out of match. 3 times in a row now.
don’t know if it was my problem cause i can watch stream and others fine and my ping wouldn’t be that stable.


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Feb 13

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Feb 13

Not your fault…

It’s the data carrier switching packets from high volume traffic to low volume traffic several times.




Feb 14

Today… I experience a PL as high as 39% right in the middle of a firefight, resulting into my demise.





i have also been suffering from these random Packet loss and loss of connection to server the last couple of days i have done everything to try and fix it but nothing as it stands i can not play the game atm or even grind the even with these lag spikes