GJ is kidding us!

Ive bought the F-20 after i liked it in the test-map.

In RB now i cant lock any targets or positions like in the test-map with the Maverick rockets. So I have to fly so close to the target that its locked that im in danger. Even a “position shot” doesnt work in RB…

WTF is this?!

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This is a skill problem.

Its a fighter why did you buy a fighter and decide to use it as CAS over the A-10

This is an actual skill issue

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TV Guidance can’t work if it’s night or if there’s clouds.


There are no clouds and it isnt a night battle…

I do nothing other as in the test map where it works, so explain…

Sounds like a bug then you should report it.

100% agree, especially since this Maverick model gets a zoom, if it was the RB-75, or Maverick A, I’d understand.