Give US a BR 9.3 helicopter for Heli PVE

AH-1F is at 9.7 and will be matched to higher tier heli PVE, and everything else is at 8. something, give us something at 9.3 in Aracde BR, please

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You mean you want something like AH-1Q or AH-1T being added to US Heli tech tree?

demanding a helicopter for the nation with one the most helicopters in the game, quite selfish arent you?, there is a lot of nations who are lacking in certain helicopters even when options would be available, why should US get more when the just got the AH-6M, OH-85D and MH-60L DAP, that is already a whole new ass heli tree. And here you are demanding even more. Seriously get a grip, think about stuff first before you blurt them out

Maybe the thing you should be asking is to move AH-1F down to 9.3 in arcade instead
America isnt really in need of helicopters in that area

nah that wont be possible, compare it to the german BO 105s, the AH-1Fs capability are a good bit better it is to strong for 9.3

Comparing the two AH-1F does not look that much better than the BO
The main differences i see is
slightly lower speed
flares instead of IRCM
No internal gun
And no CCIP

Am i missing anything?
Regardless i dont think it would cause too much issue being moved down to 9.3 in specifically arcade for the sake of heli PVE
This would not affect ground RB at all

Would just be easier to make 3 brackets for heli pve like its been suggested multiple times over the years, queue time argument bs doesnt work anymore.

u forgot the better scalos missles , while the tow is 3.75km range and the hot 4km, the tow 2 is faster has eccm, more penetration and explosive mass. Besides that you named quite a few things the internal gun and CCIP alone are a huge matter. If i aint wrong u actualy wont find any CCIP on a helicopter under the br of 9.7, because hydra spam with ccip is very strong as well. CCIP propably is the biggest factor

ECCM means literally nothing in heli PVE
And 100mm difference in penetration isnt likely to matter much either
The internal gun is super inaccurate and basically useless for most things
CCIP is the only thing that matters alot

And I just tried a PVE match with the AH-1F and its brutal going against 11.7s and rolands

This is what should have been done a year ago but hey gaijin be gaijin

Heli PVE uses arcade br and it matters for arcade ground battles, they need to be balanced for that as well

that i wont deny, had to use my mi 24, wasnt a nice experience either

Last i recall Ground arcade uses preset vehicles for air and not custom loadouts like ground RB
Gaijin can easily just limit the spawn presets for the AH-1F

Because top bracket is balanced around 11.0+ helis with 8km or greater ATGM range.

well i did say “give something” not “Give something new”

and what should they give you at that br? there is no 9.3 heli america used in the game