Give me reason of HMS Renown is at 7.0

I have played navy for more than 3 years, and I have researched all blue fleet ships in my account.But I haven’t seen a thing more ridiculous than a ship that doesn’t have any advantages compare to her common competitors but staying at the same br. HMS Hood has 2 more main guns and far better protection than Renown but the same br, and the most funny thing is the best well-protected and top powerful BB USS Arizona is still at 6.7.

So can someone give me a reason why HMS Renown is 7.0? Thanks


I understand no one cares about Navy but don’t do silly things plz Gaijin


I agree. The Renown should be 6.7, and maybe even 6.3. It has VERY little protection at the waterline, and any ship at 7.0 BR can punch straight through the armor. It does have an insane AA compliment, but it is not insane enough to justify 7.0.


6.3 is too low to be fair, but she should be at 6.7, I was shocked once I knew she’s at 7.0.I suspect whether Gaijin developers really playing their games…especially Naval


They just be hating on the Brits again


agree, but this time it is so ridiculous… I’m considering to give up this game…

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I already have given up, like honestly why doesn’t the F-4M/K get AIM-9L/Napalm? It’s just gaijin’s pure hatred for the British and I don’t understand it.


I feel frustrated to be truth… I have no motivation to play 2hrs a day for a worst 7.0 ship

Isn’t the Hood part of the Renown class? Why are we getting the Renown in the first place? Only difference is a thicker armoured belt.

cant agree more that Renown should be 6.7,by the way, Invincible shouldnt be 6.0 either.

The Hood is an Admiral Class Battlecruiser. The Renown is its own class with one sister ship, which is the Repulse.


Oh yes right Admiral class why did I think Renown class?? Thanks for the correction.

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Back to the main topic, I do hope somebody from Gaijin sees this topic and takes it into account, since the Renown has not been released yet.

They won’t, dw.

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yes,I don’t believe them, I just come for complain, maybe

Seems rather high. Im still bummed they changed my 5.7 lineup by moving Glorius to 6 :(

Glorius is much too strong ,even at 6.0

Its British. If it was Soviet would probably be Sub Br6

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Wasnt saying it wasnt. Just bummed that its not in my 5.7 lineup anymore :)

I fully agree. No reason it should be 7.0, especially without HE-VT shells and a higher draft than it should have…

I don’t know how War Thunder can be claimed to aspire to realism when important things such as waterline and shell selection are used as balance tools…

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