Give FIM-92K Datalink


FIM-29K should get a datalink which would make it competitive with the recipients of Optical Track mode.

If anyone has more/better documentation of this feature please post below!


This would affect:

Gepard 1A2



Unsure if ATAS gets a datalink


This and 22g pull

Also stinger needs a much better flare immunity since its a dual band seeker IR/UV and UV ignores flares


Im on board 100%, lmk if anyone makes a suggestion

22g pull thing has been acknowledged 1 month later than TOR missiles, so we should probably get it at some point.


When have you ever flared a stinger? Have you even used them. Multispectral flares are not in game…

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Because stingers ECCM is moddeled so Seeker FOV decreases and shuts off like every other IR missile ECCM which is wrong because stinger should straight up ignore flares not do some fancy seeker fov and shutting off stuff


not any time soon, they straight up denied it because they think its “fundamentally impossible”.


+1 from me for datalink tho

ATAS does not get datalink since its based on the FIM-92E iirc


Even without datalink, the Stinger, with its dual IR and UV seeker, should be easily able to detect and lock helicopters from the same range as the Strela, which has an optical seeker a decade older than the one used in the Stinger…and the Stinger one should work during the night as well. Same goes for Mistral.

It is disgusting the developers think the Stinger and Mistral can’t lock onto helis with seeker technology from the 1990s-2010s, but the Strela from the 70s can, yeah right


The ATAS is legit an AIM-92

Even if the dev’s argued it shouldnt be able to pull 22G by their calculations id be happy with 18G+ buff

Yes, but there are different versions of the AIM-92. The E does not have the datalink while the K does.

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Any info on stinger datalink post here:

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And here too

But even if we did have some good sources it wont matter since gaijin wont make stingers better no matter what

This would be a completely new mechanic, because LOAL for fire and forget weapons does not yet exist in the game. So it would be an extra effort to implement it.
It could also make Russian helicopters more ineffective and Gaijin can’t allow that.
But if they do implement it at some point, hopefully they’ll do it for ground-to-ground and air-to-ground missiles with Data Link. For example Spike MR, LR, ER or later when it is added, Akeron MP.

LOAL like this is already present in the forms of both the R-27R/ER and AIM-54

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With these, it works via the radar lock. But with Stinger and other IR missiles, I think it also works without radar lock.
Especially as you would then also have to include the option to choose between LOAL and LOBL, so that you can fire the Stinger roughly in the direction and then lock or lock directly before firing

And via what ozelot and others are supposed to transfer data to Stinger?