Give FIM-92K Datalink

Infrared Search and Track

Position of your sight/where you are looking (kinda like SACLOS)

How is IRST sending data to missile from vehicle? Where is datalink antennas to send data to stinger on ozelot and other vehicles?

Ozelot does not have an IRST system and if you can really use the LOAL capability of this vehicle, then only via the radar.
But LAV AD only has a FLIR system similar to the M1097 Avenger, which can in any case access the LOAL capabilities of the FIM-92K via FLIR. So at the latest when they add the vehicle, they will have to be able to transmit target data for LOAL via FLIR/IRST. Or if we look at air-to-air missiles, then at the latest with the introduction of Iris-T, which can also receive target data after launch from the radar, MAW, RWR and also from the FLIR/IRST system.
As for other vehicles that use the Fim-92k, I can only say good luck finding sources that specify exactly what they can do when it comes to LOAL and Data Link. But I could imagine that it might be possible for these vehicles if they use Fim-92k and have a FLIR/IRST system. After all, why would you buy the Fim-92k for a vehicle if the most important new feature is not available?

As far as antennas are concerned, you will find some on the vehicles. But I don’t know whether they can be used for the data link. It will be difficult to find sources there too, unless someone leaks something again

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