Give f16aj aim9-p4

I mean the f16aj doesn’t even exist so why not, make the stock grind slightly less annoying I would hope.

There are a lot of planes in-game that should probably get AIM-9P-4s lol
AIDC F-5E, F-16A-10 and F-16AJ, etc


What is the fascination of having all aspect IR missiles without IRCCM? All aspects are easy to defeat from front aspect and are effectively useless. I can see getting better side aspect shots when you can catch someone off gaurd, but beyond that I just don’t understand why people go so crazy about them.

P-4s are pretty decidedly worse than 9Ls as they AFAIK only pull 20g like the 9J. If Japan operated P-4s then an aircraft that would definitely benefit from them would be the F-4EJ.

Battle rating will go up because of the all-aspects.

AJ already has All-Aspects in 9Ls

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Then why would it need P4s?

stock missile as OP suggests

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That is why I asked what is the fascination. If you can’t use rear aspects properly to catch people off gaurd, all aspects won’t really help much. I saw a game where 2 F-20s launched like 5 missiles in front aspect and they got flared with no issue.

All aspects helps a lot in side aspect lock range. I literally never fire from front aspect. Also, when firing from above the enemy for ninja shots.

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Ok, I didn’t think about firing down on a target too. I know side aspect helps. Thanks.

Just an AIM-9L essentially

Or just add the Mitsubishi T-2 as is, as it’s a “better” version of the F-16

I’d say unlikely, as compared to the standard E the EJ is lacking AIM-7E-2 and Agile Eagle, and P-4 as previously mentioned has the same flight characteristics as the J just with all aspect capabilities. If it was 9Ls then yeah probably a BR increase, but the P-4s are not all that special.


Cause most early all aspects missile in warthunder(including P4) have a 1:1 ratio between rear-aspect/flare lock range(and remembering that the rear-aspect is the rear-aspect non afterburning target lock range) so they are way more flare resistant than you normal 0,687:1 rear aspect missile(this ratio includes, all rear-aspect AIM-9 except 9B that is worse, R13M1, PL-5B, Magic 1/PL7, with others rear-aspect missiles being worse in the flare resistance department)

Honorable mention to Red Top that is the most flare resistant rear-aspect missile with a rate of 0,857:1

Extra:Some advanced All-aspect missiles can have a rate pending more to planes than flare making then way harder to flare, per example R-27T/ET have a 1,2:1 rate. meaning that not only it can lock planes further than flares, planes also have priority over flares(on rear-aspect)

obs: I rounded up the values cause it was a number to big, redtop per example is more of a 0,85714285714285714285714285714286:1 ratio

Nice explaination, thanks.


i mean stock grind is passable, but i would agree with giving it to EJkai since stock EJKai have a way worse time since it’s a F-4E without Agile eagle at 11.7, so no flight perfomance and only 2 9P’s, maybe EJ too since it flies almost like a 11.0 F-4C, but this time with flares, it has no 7E-2 and also only 9P’s, maybe giving it a 9P4 in place of having an agile eagle kit and 7E-2’s would give it more reason to be at same Br of Both US and Israeli F-4E, that have a way better flight perfomance with israeli F-4E even having 9G’s

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What’s the ratio for magic-2 and r-73? Could you please tell me.

Also ratio for 9L and R-60M please. R-60M is probably horrible compared to 9L in this regard.

I would appreciate it a lot 🙏🏻

Funny enough 60M and 9L share the same ratio of 1:1 with 60M just having less overhaul lock range, both Magic 2 and R-73 have 1,1:1, you can do the calculations of (Lock-on range from rear-aspect: [km] / Flare detection range: [km]) looking at the table here or manually checking the code at github here.
what makes R-60 worse is the FoV Size that is 5 compared to 9L that is 3,6, this make it one of the less resistant all aspect seekers(since bigger fov means more flare it can see), the only fov that is close to that is PL-5C with 4° of FoV(R-73 has a initial FoV of 4,5 but when it is launched the IRCCM reduces it FoV to 0,75°)