Give ELC bis scouting

Recently I just got my hands on the ELC bis, and it performs averagely imo. But what baffles me is that that vehicle doesnt have scouting, other vehicles similar to its role has scouting (looking at ASU-57, even the heavier 85 has it). The usefulness of the vehicle is quite limited without scouting, as sometimes there are vehicles you dont want to use HEAT against, like stuff with spaced armour, so in that situation scouting will be useful for notifying your team.


ELC bis I must say was a very positive suprise to me in france especially now that it is on 6.0 and has a much better suspension than before, I absolutely love that little critter and kept uptiering it just like the arl-44 up to 7.7 untill they had to be sadly replaced. No scouting always was my gripe with it and if it’ll
be added to it would make my day


Its still missing its rangefinder as well which is clearly visible on the model


I think it actual does have a scout option I watched a youtuber scout with it I can say for sure do to never using the tank.

just played a round w/ it, and unfortunately not. would be a very welcome addition though