Give AIM-9M to F-14B

[Im new to the forums] please give the f14b aim9ms it wont be op at all as aim9ms eat flares (when they where flareless irl) and the f14s engines are hot af and ig thr mig29 at 12.0 can have r73s i dont see a problem (also i proof that the f14b had aim9ms) even if it moves the f14b to 12.3 (which would probably happen because its gaijin) and i have documented proof that the f14b had aim9ms but i aint gonna post them here because i am respectable and i aint want WT to get removed because of the amount of “declassified documents” that have been leaked but if i really need to get a point around dont try me gaijin [please give the f14b aim9ms] 😭🙏 theres been documented and physical proof that it had them and the f14b was in service until 2006 so the us would of had to of done many modifications and modernisation of the f14b


No you won’t get them for balance so it can stay at 12.0


Mig29 at 12.0 has r73s and the aim9ms eat flares so i aint see why the f14b can have them 🤷‍♂️


Everything you said is wrong


I don’t particularly care about BRs, I just want a F-14 at the peak of it’s power.

Preferably the F-14D with all the bells and whistles, but if we can’t have that then I’d like F-14 with Aim-9Ms

Prove it i aint a ussr air tree nerd but i know the one of the mig29s got r73s at 12.0-12.3

The D will have 9Ms and maybe AMRAAMS if gajin is kind

Thats what im saying theres evidence that the f14b had aim9ms but they are ignoring it, i generally dont care if the f14b goes to 12.3 if it gets aim9ms i just wanna play the f14b with aim9ms

Look at warthunder wiki and you will find the only mig29s with R73 are 12.7 which is the Mig29SMT and the Mig29G


They ain’t ignoring it

It staying at 12.0 so not 9Ms for it

Im a check rn if im wrong im still gonna keep the post up so gaijin could give the f14b aim9ms

Ok the 12.0 mig29s have R60Ms

They are easily flared so are the aim9ms so i dotn see a problem

9Ms ain’t easily flared


but they are nearly invisible…


I dont know what aim9ms you go against 4 flares and my aim9m just 🧍‍♂️🧍‍♂️

So why do you want them

Do you even play top tier

I go against 9Ms and use 9Ms

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when the phoenix gets reworked and when dual plane gets added for all missiles the f14 will go up regardless then it should get aim9m but its fine for now

and the aim9m is not easy to flare in the slightest especially if you aren’t at a good maneuvering speed