Give AA tracking to STRF 9040

During the “La Royale” update test server, we were given the hope that the STRF 9040 vehicles in the B, C, and BILL versions would finally get the UTAAS sight or at least the ability to track air targets like other vehicles in the game: M3 Bradley, BMP-2M, Puma, Freccia, and even the 2S38 which is very similar.

Therefore, it would not be an extraordinary case for a light armored vehicle in War Thunder to get anti-air capability.

Maybe they think that giving that capability to the STRF 9040 would be a disaster in combined battles because it has proximity-fused high-explosive projectiles, but they should take into account that it can only fire 25 continuous shots from its 24-round ammunition rack, in addition to the fact that 40mm projectiles don’t have such a lethal explosive charge, not to mention that they don’t have a search radar.

In conclusion, they should add the ability to track air targets to the STRF 9040 B, C, and BILL vehicles as many vehicles already have that feature and giving them that ability would not make them an impenetrable anti-air shield due to their limitations


yes it would make my Sweden 10.0 line up finally enjoyably playable again


It’s already playable… you should know this having that avatar.

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can you read? I put a word before playable lol

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My profile picture is multi-national, as it was created by cooperation between Gaijin, a Hungarian company, and Mudfish, a multi-national company.

A little bit a research goes a long way, Baron.

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You replied to the wrong person, I’m not a Russian main.
In-fact, Russia’s not even a tech tree in WT, the Soviet Union is.
On top of all that, Japan was my first top nation. Soviets weren’t even in my first 3 to the top.
Don’t even think they were my first 4.

BTW, calling Americans “bozo” is something very Russia-main to do methinks.

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It’s the same reason why Begleitpanzer 57 don’t get IRST, it just didn’t have such thing in real life. It is less justifiable than the T-72B3 getting IRST.

Can we expect FCSs to be modeled properly then? UTAAS is the anti air system that the CV90s have. It automatically tracks the target after lasing it. Functionally it wouldn’t work much differently than the AA tracking we have in game, instead of just denying capabilities, add the tracking until FCSs are properly modeled, it isn’t unrealistic to have because it is quite literally the reason the LVKV 9040c has tracking.

It does not automatically track the target. The gunner should manually follow the target to score a hit. What’s done automatically is the kinematic lead that calculates from the angular velocity of the turret traverse, range to the target, crosswind, cant of the vehicle, etc. It is a common feature across the modern AFV and a lot of vehicles in game already have this capability in real life, although not implemented.

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Is it known why Lvkv 9040C can track while the standard ones cannot?
Different software? Different computer running the sight?

Coming directly from SAAB:

“Independent line of sight
This principle enables the operator to retain the target in the centre of the reticle during the entire aiming and laser range-finding sequence. No re‑aiming is needed. Gun-laying is automatically controlled by the fire-control computer.”

You use a random youtube switchology video instead of a primary source for these changes. I do not understand this.

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There is no difference, UTAAS is the reason it can track in game, the radar is just a radar.

Woo go team!

One of its technical demonstrator had installed the IRST.

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It is not a random youtube switchology. It’s the software used by Swedish military to train their crew. If it does not represent the system correctly, there is no reason to use it. Also what SAAB describing IS the kinematic lead, not automatic tracking.

So are just going to ignore that all or most cv90s currently in service with sweden, norway, Finland. Etc. has it?

I don’t get what you mean. Ignore what? Nothing has been ignored.

I think live-fire exercises, or demonstration of capability would be what’s required at this point.
Due to the amount of evidence that only the Lvkv 9040C TD we have can do this type of locking, I understand why the bar is raised.