Gifting is not gifting


I want to sent a tank as a gift to my friend but its impossible becouse i dont want to ask his ID and the tank is not on his wishlist. If i ask his ID to sent a gift for him is not a gift and a surprise anymore.

Is there a way to find out other players ID? If not pls show player IDs in-game too.



Its: 13666333
I promise to be surprised. /jk
I don’t think there is a way.

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You have to ask him for his ID, I think there is no other way.

Or “trick” him into adding it to his wishlist…

Maybe i just found the way lol.

It seem u can write the Nickname too instead of ID…the gift already gone, i am waiting his reply. :D

Gifting is gifting lol

Just in case someone is still interested … (pls don’t discuss cheating here!)


That is so Gaijin…

Surprise, you say? I don’t know if you’re aware of this but, if I remember correctly, your friend will have to accept the gift on their profile page and I’m not sure if there’s any notification about receiving a gift. If your friend won’t accept in 30 (?) days, it’ll be gone and added to your account…
It’s been a while since I received/sent a gift so maybe my memory is flawed…