Getting the A-10's the Litening targeting pods

According to the U.S. Airforce the A-10 A/C are able to use the Litening targeting pod

This also give the a-10 laser guided munitions. This should help out with Ground RB CAS as the Mavericks defiantly benefit from this and aslo getting laser munitions to would also be a benefit to the use of the A-10

Feel like supporting it heres the bug report

Do you want the A-10 to be 11.0?

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The A-10A could not mount the Litening until the β€œ'A-10A+” upgrade, which was some interim solution due to the delays in the A-10C program.

I think it’s best to just leave the A-10A as is, and just patiently wait for the A-10C to arrive instead. Having a lower BR A-10A allows it to have 9Ls at a BR range where they are much more potent, whilst the A-10C will probably just completely suck in ARB (idk if they mounted 9Ms or better) but have improved A2G capabilities at a higher BR.


Wait for A-10C.

Waiting for the a-10с at 11.3 so someone else can experience what a subsonic airplane is like at the top level.

Absolutely impossible to compete with the multirole 12.0+

I guess maybe A-10C (2016) and could be 11.7 BR at rank 8 but not sure equipped Litening AN/AAQ-28(V)4 Litening AT targeting pod or AN/AAQ-33(V)1/2 Sniper pod

it has sniper, but its been shit like su-25t if you compare it with multirole fighter

It’s SP is basically 11.0 anyway, it cost even more than F-14B with full LGB or A-7E with Walleye + thermal. Giving it targeting pod at least allows you pop up from 8km away and try to take out enemies from safer distance.

Considering that other country is getting 5th Su-25, I was quite surprised that no one suggested A-10 Suite 3 (A-10C) to Gaijin jet.

And there is much to be desired:

  • AIM-9M
  • HMD
  • AN/AAQ-28 Litening
  • GBU
  • JDAM
  • MWS
  • AN/ALQ-131 V ECM jammer pod