Getting no RP Towards Research

Screenshot 2023-12-09 004646

It says I earned 18k RP but the total shows only 927? Is this a bug?

well what were you flying?

Spaded F16C

Research efficiency doesn’t go all the way down unless it’s premium.

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yeah thats called research efficiency, it doesn’t work like that, youll have to use something of the same rank or a prem.

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Oh ok thank you guys

yeah, without a premium, you can only research up and down by one rank.

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Thank you all for explaining it because I was wondering the same thing.

For further explanation, regular tech tree vehicles can only research at 100% efficiency 1 rank up or 1 rank down from where they’re at; So, a rank 4 vehicle can only efficiently research rank 3-5, anything outside of that takes steep penalties. It’s almost immediately like 60% of what you’d typically earn and it gets worse the more ranks away it is. There’s a chart somewhere and I know a few creators like Tankenstein go into detail about it; on the vehicle stat cards it’ll tell you what range it can effectively research.


This one


It’s honestly criminal how insane those penalties are, at most it should be like 20-30% or something, not 90 freaking 5 percent.


I was familiar with the penalty system but I thought that it was 10% as each rank increased, didn’t know it was 95%. DAMN.

10% is what normal people would have come up with, 95% is what Gaijin came up with because they just don’t get it, as if the grind isn’t bad enough without straight up deleting 90% of it for playing what you want to play.