Getting jipped out of Survivor award

[quote] Survivor
Hasn’t lost a single vehicle (whether aircraft, tank or ship) whilst destroying more enemy vehicles than any other players of both teams (should be at least 5 enemies destroyed). No multiplier.[/quote]

I have killed the most enemy units (without dying), but haven’t received the Survivor award. I need that for a medal, so every award counts. Also, something like half of my assists never get rewarded as well. The guy on the other team got 12 kills, but he died 5 times. I thought only people who didn’t die (who had 5 or more kills) count in this? Is this some kind of hidden gaijin “loophole”?
Btw, this was +0.7 uptier, as most of my games lately.

The answer is right in your description. Your opponent killed 12, you got 11. You don’t win survivor as you didn’t have the most kills of any other players.

You need to not die AND have the most kills (with at least 5 kills). If these two conditions are not met, no one gets the award.