Get me unbanned

So, i had my old in game name banned (GasChamber) which is fine tho (took them almost 10 years but it did finally happened) Now that i changed it, the in game message says to contact a game master from the forum to get unbanned. I did, got no response, so hopefully someone can give me a hand, or even better, a game master will see this and do his job.

@Smin1080p : maybe pushing it to some game masters,… i don’t know any active ones currently.

guess that im done for then

Did you write to Game Master here? I got response in few hours

@Schindibee might be able to help you.

Try to find one here

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It’s weekend, you might wait till monday… :)

^ That

^ That too

^ That, Thanks!

Well, GMs will be around 24/7 in some capacity

Sometimes it may help to PM one or two GMs, since we the volunteer team are from all over the world and so we will be in different time zones… but, GMs may also have a lot of mail to sort though too

So, OP should just be bit more patient, GMs will get around to all of the Mail ASAP… if the matter has not be resolved in a few days, then he should PM Senior GMs and if still no luck, then he is welcome to PM us forum Staff and we can pass on the issue