Germany Suffers

Just kidding wanted to share this match where I pulled this off despite a full uptier in the Tiger2H


But no nuke :( therefore suffer

So unbelievably based.
Lots of genuine “germany suffers” rants on the forum right now. Kinda funny

I did actually get a nuke, I was 1km from the battle before when it ended

Oh, nice! I was just trying to make a little joke though lol.

Tiger II Sla. 16 😏

I don’t follow

A better version of the Tiger II H.

That upgraded engine imo is a huge different idk maybe that’s just me

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It’s slightly better but not by much. Most of my Tiger2 gameplay is defensive. I just like that I farm SL with the prem variant

Fair enough. I also like the Tiger II, although if I’m going defensive I much prefer the Ferdinand tbh since more armor (especially over range) and you don’t really need a turret when defensive 75% of the time. Also, it is much more immune to HE rounds which is huge.

by defensive I mean like holding down 200-400m sightlines where I need to cover multiple angles or at least fight what will likely be a group of enemies. Basically I’m close enough to need a turret

Ah ok