Germany should also get the KF41 Lynx

I would say no. First of all its absolutly bad and wouldn’t change anything. Second is its WAS developed in germany but never used in germany because of the fact it has a crewed turret which makes it pretty easy to kill. I have some experince on it cuz I was so smart and started with grinding italy almost a year ago and I’m pretty done with it.

On German soil made by German workers → German Tech Tree


Thats not the reason. The Kf41 has the option for an unmanned turret
Additionaly the german schwerer waffenträger comes with a manned turret as welll

And we know its not optimal. Still its a piece of german technology/history and thats why we want one for completions sake. Thats all there is to it

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As i know kf-41 p have unmanned turret. BTW

But trust me its not fun and really useless

like i said

You have your opinion, we another. Ok?

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Developt and build for England to be used. Not in the BW arsenal so not in the tech tree.
Could be premium but even then, why?
Puma with spikes will come.

How many years of this promise?

What? Read the sources with both eyes.
And as for me - just like this much.


it wasnt developt and build for england it was developed and build for export by rheinmetall because they couldnt sell the PUMA to any other country since they didnt had ownership of it, basically a concept pretty similar to the PUMA but made for export solely by rheinmetall

idk where you get that it was made for england dude

What are you smoking

It was the replacment for the warrior. Now its the Ajax. was a few years back in the talks.

share whatever you may be consuming cuz now im curious, there was 2 ifvs ajax and AS-21 but no KF-41 and KF-41 was never wanted by britain cuz it was expensive as heck

? xD

the KF41 ? it never was in consideration for the UK, you are massively confusing sth there