Germany needed Early Eurofighter now. or at least Polish or Dutch F16s

Why gaijin keeps refusing on germany?
the fact that germany always get the new toys late on the meta is absurd, happened when:
they added F16s and Mig29s, happened when they added F15s and Su27, now again everyone gets the top missile(Aim-120,R77,MICA,etc) on top jets (f16s, gripen, mig29s,mirage,J-11) meanwhile germany just gets a new flying brick (an F4) which has no place on the current top tier, it doesnt even have a nice flight model lol.
Not even the Mig29G got R77s, feels like a joke.

the F4F ICE should been added into the game updates back, not now, you really think an F4F is competent agaisnt Gripen,F16s,Mirage,Mig29/27s? they adding it now with the excuse of “It carry Fox 3 missiles!”

thats not a valid excuse because gaijin should been added this jet when F-14 was introduced for example, but without Fox-3s, like they did with Mig29s, F16s and others, right? they added em 1st updates back and they gave em Fox 3 just now, they could done the same with germany F4F ICE and we could have get a better jet right now like an Early Eurofighter or Dutchs F16s (which for some reason went to France, a nation who already has Mirage and Belgium F16s, nice idea gaijin, nice idea.)

there is no reason to play germany if gaijin keeps refusing to add vehicles to it, feels like they hate it, like how they refused to add SPIKES to PUMA and so many other ocassions where they refused things to germany.

Add Dutch F16s to Germany ❌
Add Polish F16s to Germany ❌
Add Early Eurofighter to Germany ❌
Add a competent jet to Germany ❌
Add Dutch F16s to France who already own competent jets ✅
Add R77s to German Mig29G ❌
(And soon it will be:
Add F16s and Early Eurofighter to Germany when USA gets F-35 and equal for other nations ✅)

Let me guess whats next, they will add Polish F16s or Early Eurofighters to Germany on next update and other nations will get again new and betters vehicles, leaving again Germany late on meta, what a surprise.

Always late…


Think again, pal.
As a tornado enjoyer, I think. if Britain and Germany get a ‘Prototype of Eurofighter’…

then Americans will get their BOL and AIM-120C on their mighty F-15C as compensation and rule the air again.

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MiG-29G cannot use them because of the old radar


At some point you have to think that it’s being done intentionally with a long history of this.


how you gonna even justify adding polish f-16 to german tech tree? yes there is leo 2pl but thats because leopard is german

because looks like if its not germany the one left behind, they need the best toys now and its all wrong.

they could add Early Eurofighter with only limited and equal armament to other nations (Aim-120, Aim9Ls, etc) like they did with F16C and 29SMT

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The same way they justify the Dutch F-16s in France.


iirc both of the f16s are belgian, the only dutch aircraft they added is the hunter, firefly and the fokker

I mean it could have been either, and not like the Belgian F-16 makes sense.

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i suppose something swiss could be added considering they gave germany the swiss hunter rather than it going to the uk 🤷‍♂️


Well no one asked for that either and there was no reason to add it, but imagine any sort of logic, consistency and common sense in this game.

Oh… you’re trolling.

But for a serious response:
F-4F ICE couldn’t be added updates back because 12.7 didn’t exist yet.
F-4F ICE is 9X% of a Mig-29SMT at a 0.3 lower BR.

They literally stated it was to fill CAS hole in Germany at that BR range.

It’s not even good CAS at 9.7 and practically zero logical ties to Germany.

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F4U4B got late 1946 engine settings to fight late 1944 109s and a 1944 Yak3 got the same BR as 1942 109F…because of balance. Now, when GER needs balancing, f*ck you. This is the story, at least, 12 years old and the reason why GJ has such a laughably minuscule playerbase.

…and Belgian F16 is French?

Not really.
If GJ gave Belgian F16s to the FRA, then they could’ve easily give Serbian Mig29s to the GER…I mean, WT became a “fantasy general” long time ago and there was literarily more than several solutions that wouldn’t brake the game, but would make GER playable in top tier.


No, the Mig-29G R77s not capable because old radar ok, i accept it because i didnt knew that.

But the “F-4F ICE couldn’t be added before” thing, i do not agree with that, F-4F ICE should been added when F16s and Mig29s were added, with limited weaponry (maybe only Aim-9Ls, without Aim-120s until this update)

“Oh but it has a very powerfull radar!” and what? its a flying brick agaisnt F16s and Mig29s and radar won’t be that op and usefull if it wouldnt had radar guided missiles like Aim-120s at that moment, thats why limited weaponry to only Aim9ls , exactly like they did with F-16C which got added before but without Fox 3s.


We should get BOL regardless it was used on F-15C and it isn’t game breaking so it should be added

It can’t use ERs either but it still gets them for “balance” lmfao

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Radar is compatible with 27ER because of same seeker ane electronics with 27R.

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Thats because, as people have mentioned, it cannot carry them, its different giving vehicles slightly better stuff for balance (e.g R-27ER) but adding somrthing that physically couldnt be carried is a different story altogether

I mean sure, if you wanted it to be stuck with IR missiles and have NO additions this update

One the one hand yes, it can compete with those vehicles if you use the missiles correctly, and if you know hoe to play, on the other hand it is a lower BR and is equivelent to other lower ARH carriers like Tornado F.3 Late and is actually better than the Sea Harrier FA.2

Adding that means Britain and Italy would get one as well, and right now they dodnt really have a need for it, as it stands the only Eurofighters that could be added would be the early DA airframes with worse engines that would be 13.3 minimum with AMRAAMs

BeNeLux is being deployed to the French tech tree wether you like it or not, It also doesnt make sense for germany to get a dutch subtree because it gives it access to tons of aircraft that dont fit, like the Spitfire which shouldnt be in the German tech tree

Im sorry but germany has always been pretty consistently Meta in game, sure its slightly behind the US and USSR at times, but its eating a hell of a lot better than other nations, you have 4 Meta MBTs, you have the best Top tier Naval, and although you are in a bit of a lul for air, it had been Meta for years and will be again with the Eurofighter in the near future

At least you have part of the meta…

Remember when britain had the Harrier Gr.7 as its best aircraft for ages? An aircraft that is designed for ground attack. Remember when Sweden was stuck with the JA-37D for ages? Most nations have lul spots when their development is a bit dry, its just now is germanys turn