Germany has no way to force top tier matches in GRB

Germany has no aircraft at 12.7 after the mig29G was moved to 12.3 for ground (while the mig29SMT wasn’t for some reason? even tho they are essentially identical)

Having a 12.7 aircraft in your lineup guarantees you won’t see any 1 death premium users in your games as they will have to have made it through the entire tech tree to be seen in any of your matches. I know this wont stop 1 death leaving entirely, but it certainly should force much better matches since everyone in your match will have multiple spawns

China and France are the other nations that can’t atm either, but after next patch I think only Germany will suffer this problem. Which is going to be made 100x worse by the new premium 2a4 at 11.3 coming out.

tldr: Germany suffers because they can’t avoid their premium 1 spawn users next patch with 12.7 planes in GRB

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Japan and China acturlly, franch have Mirage4K

Japan and China getting 13.0 planes soon

F4F KWS is 12.7

So it’s solved?

its 11.7 in ground

It’s good in that regard though, I think you either want a full 11.7 lineup to take advantage of the best downtiers possible, or you want to be 12.7 to be out reach of premium only spam.

There also some things to be said about certain planes getting favorable GRB rating that are also going to be amazing at CAP (fox’s 3’s at 11.7).