Germany fourth rank

I researched panther A, now what next I should research?

work towards unlocking the Leopard 1 line, you wont be disappointed, or if you want to stay in that Tier, work up your AAA Line as well, comes in real handy and you go up the Tech Tree.


okay thanks, also should I continue researching aircraft line or no?

What have you done in the Aircraft TT ?

bf 109, me 410 and currently researching fw 190

Do the bomber line and get to the Do 217 bombers, the reason, they are great in ground RB and at that level, you can bring them with the Panther A and D, they can carry 4x 1000lbs bombs, i would have 2 in my line up

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You havnt got much choice have you ? You have to do them all to progress.

Since Gaijin does not allow you to get the coolest and most effective Panther, the Panther II, it is not worth grinding the others. Same goes for the Tiger II Tanks with the Tiger II 10.5 not being possible to get. The SPAA branch is also pointless since the best one, also a Panther, the Flakpanzer 341 Coelian, which is, you guessed it, banned for you/us.

Gaijin does not give Germany or other nations the proper respect, for the best War Thunder experience and being treated fairly, Russia is your only Option.


I have only second rank on russia and only 3 tanks

He is moving into the area where WW2 meets cold war HEAT slingers. Then the notoriously bad cold war German era .The future is bleak
: )

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They all get fairytale stats and ammo that rarely explodes when shot, plus they get introduced and sometimes kept and way too low Battle Ratings, so you mostly just stomp Western fodder.

Tiger 2 is pretty nice. The jagdtiger works well on certain maps and the bulldog is decent for support.

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I wouldn’t recommend to go past rank IV. The Leopard 1 is pretty useless compared to the russians you will be facing. Be aware you will have no armor at this point, you won’t survive any shots that will hit you. Hide behind hills and pray nobody sees you if you dare to peak over it. And on the other side, you have to shot very precisely to do major damage to enemies.

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