Germany and Sweden Should Never be on the same team above 9.0

How you all let the match making keep putting the same nation with the same tanks on the same side at top tier is crazy. Im tired of blowing up 2- 52A7 2-5 2A6 2- 5 2A5 every single match, its getting old.

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Something something skill issue (Im a german main)

So, you’re tired of having to shoot the same type of weakspots or?

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because the same type of tank is usually one the same side irl.
and id prefer to not fight leopards in my leopard because it looks stupid

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gaijin doesn’t care about that, or they wouldn’t have added t90s to the british tech tree or other tanks to taiwan.

Womp womp, they’re both equally mediocre, but together, they’re okay.

It’s really funny. There’s a Leo with armor who can call himself that and it becomes clear that the alleged skill problem of German players possibly exists for everyone?

Why not? it high efficiency killing Russians tank and i highly like it whenever i play Sweden or Germany