German WW2 SPAAG Flaks 15-50mm and their Ammunition

But the french source states that also 115 and 117g examples were found, so there perhaps was a diversity in amount of Zink?

There’s always some variantion in the weight of shells, due to tollerance.

The japanese 30mm has an Aphe round, which in reality didnt have a fuze, it worked upon shattering, the 2 cm gun also has the Pzgr. L’Spur zerl. which has an 2,4g Pent filling, without fuze, mainly for self destruct, but in game it could also be implemented to be detonating on impact.

Furthermore, even tho i thought it didnt exist, i found this Pzsprgr. for the 20 x 138 mm ammo. Does anyone have more info? It appears to be a further drilled out Pzgr of 120g (so going by the weight, which is the same as the He grenades with 900m/s, with an somewhat small filling with a Sd and an internal inertion fuze. It would result to 33mm/10m with 20mm 120g 900m/s 3,6g filler.

And this 121g without SD (I do not understand french and asked a french for a translation)

And the mit Zerl.

An interesting fact is that the flak 341 was not created because 37mm was not enough and the caliber was changed to 50mm, but then the program was canceled, it would be interesting to see the flak 341 in a game with 50mm cannons

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I had thought it was proposed to use 55 mm, namely the 5.5 cm gerät 58.

Maybe it’s navy ammunition? It almost got the same weight as the Luftwaffe 20mm AP rounds. With such large cavity the penetration would be quite low.
On the ground the 20mm was used as tank and recon vehicle armament after all, so they needed a heavier round.

The last one even says Kriegsmarine.

I came to the same conclusion. But i wasnt able to find more. Perhaps in M.Dv. 170/1 but i dont have that.

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Otherwise, some came to the conclusion that the 2 cm Pzsprgr. L’Spur with and without, as found in the Handbuch für Flugzeugbordmunition 1936-1945 is sayed ammo. However, (which could be simply a different way of writing) its weight is (like the other ammo for the Mg 151) only 117-119g instead of 120-121g and certainly not of the full tip 148g.

Don’t think so. The 20mm AP for the MG FF/M and MG 151/20 is 80mm long, for the FlaK 30/38 it’s 85mm but the source about the 121g round you provided says it’s 87-90mm.

There’s obvously something weird going on with the second picture that shows a round with reduced cavity but still 121g.

Indeed. So i and some others keep looking.

It would be very nice to see the APCR/HVAP ammo for the Ostwinds ingame. most other nations have AP rounds with 65+mm Pen meanwhile the ostwinds can pen almost nothing at its BR.


Well, it’s actually:

H.5 or RDX (~1.82g/cm³) phlegmatized with 5% paraffin wax (~0.9g/cm³) by weight has a density of around 1.73g/cm³.
Zinc has a density of 7.13/cm³ and 70:30 mix with H.5 based on volume results in a combined density of 3,35g/cm³.
We have 90g of filler, meaning that the total amount of H.5 in the mixture is 32.5g H. 5.
→ 0.7 * ((90g * 1,73g/cm³) / 3.35g/cm³)

I meassured the cavity of the Brandsprenggranate o. L. and noticed that while it’s longer, it’s also thinner. Resulting in a cavity that would hold around ~63% more than the regular shell with tracer, meaning around 44-45g of Np. 10, which has roughly half the density of that H. 5 Zinc mix, that would have a weight of 90g. So my calculation and assumption it’s a 70:30 mix by volume, seems correct.