German Tiger tank additional front armor?!

hello Snail,
the Hungarian Tigris on 6.0 has additional front armor made of chain links. Numerous photos and also the Tiger in the Panzermuseum Munster prove that the Wehrmacht also fitted this additional armor.

could you please add this to the German Tiger E (6.0), thank you!

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That’s actual a replica made of plastic

Allready made a suggestion.


That would be a great addition. That Ammo stowage in the left corner is so annoying and the tracks would protect that spot.

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externally identical to the original that was there 10 years ago.

yes typical crazy Gaijin snail. some Hungarian premium tiger has better protection than the German original. crazy

Germany truly suffers, please bring Tiger I to 4.3

In reality, this type of additional armor did not help at all, but was even dangerous and was banned!

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 15-30-27 Kettenglieder und Beton als Zusatzpanzer - Forum der Wehrmacht

interesting! from which Wehrmacht office is this? OKH? OKW? Heereswaffenamt? is this approved by General Guderian?

I have to call my Staff of the schwere Panzerabteilung!
“Adjutant of the Staff Edgar Ziegenkopf, we have new orders! we’re switching from track links to camel additional armor! camels must be tied to the side of the tank!”:


Yeah, but this is Warthunder.

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So long as it’s an optional mod (like most add-on armour) this sounds like a good addition.

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It’s been a few years since I copied this from the Lexikon der Wehrmacht forum. I’m no longer sure, but because of the first sentence, Officer of the (Army) Weapons Office, I think it was an order from the OKH.

And you don’t have to make fun of it either, the shelling tests by the HWA have clearly shown:

  • that an additional protective effect was only given in very few cases,
  • but in most cases (cannon fire) even the protective effect of the actual armor was reduced because projectiles were no longer deflected but were aimed at the armor at ideal angles.

What the troops made of this is a completely different question. If it makes them feel better, they should just shit on what engineers say.

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I’m not making fun of it. that’s just my humor. if people don’t like it, that’s just the way it is. I like the “deutsche Beamtensprache” and I always structure my german Panzerdecks according to Kriegsstärkenachweisung Dienstvorschrift.

in War Thunder I’m happy if my tank has 30mm more armor.