German rare tanl

Hey, as OG know before in the german branch we had Coelian, Tiger II 105, Panther II and of course Maus. Gaijin now only bring Maus back every years. But for these prototype tanks gaijin removed them, btw I have Tiger and Coelian but gaijin may have removed Panther II from me even with some RP spent but I can’t be sure. So I have an idea that gaijin bring back those tanks for a day for an exemple (you only have to spent an rp to keep it). Well gaijin choose how they want to do it but yeah for OG that couldn’t complete their collection or new WT players it could be very cool.

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I don’t think they should be brought back so quickly and for such a short time, I believe there is a place in-game for prototype and “paper” vehicles. War thunder isnt crazy on historical accuracy, just good modelng and physics, so I think they should simply come back. Maybe they should be limited to Realistic Mode and barred from Simulator.

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Panther 2 and Tiger 105 we have in game are rather fictional, Tiger 2 only had 105 on paper, and Panther 2 isnt IRL Panther 2, its a mish up of tech that wasnt actually mounted on it.

The MAUS was a completed prototype.

The Coelian had a wooden mock up.

The Tiger II 105 and Panther II both were paper tanks and the guns wouldn’t fit inside their turrets without serious modifications which were never designed.

Like Event Vehicles they should remain rare even if it sucks you missed out.