German mig-23bn flares

Due to proliferation of ground launched IR missiles from 9.3 up attack plane at 9.7 needs flares.
There are lower br planes with flares. Getting shot down by all aspect missile every second ground battle is not fun. And its not skill issue, once missile is launched, in other way then pure chase, nothing can be done and there is no warning (understendable as UV launch detectors are modern thing).

So pls add flares to mig-23bn, alternative is to weaken ir tracking of ground launched missile like ground contrast or tracking sun

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Most ground launched IR missiles are already significantly underperforming compared to real life.

IR missiles already do that.

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Mig-23 BN was ok, but since A-10, Yak-38 and Su-25 with all aspect high G missiles are a thing, its only viable in ground forces. Without flares its as bad as the F-4F early. Totally pointless plane, without flares you’re doa.


It would be nice if the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23BN got countermeasures yet it all depends on where the aircraft served with what country.

I believe I’ve read they could carry countermeasures but only with other countries yet like several machines in game if the devs wanted to they could bend rules and give the DDR MiG-23 CM but we would have to wait and see.

Now for simplicity states so someone correct me if I’m wrong here but couldn’t this aircraft carry the SPS-141 pod? If so that could be an easy C&P from other soviet/DDR aircraft in game. (anyone unsure of what that’s, it’s the CM pod from three MiG-21’s in game).


it doesn’t depend on that at all. Gaijin just decided to not give the jet flares it can have irl.

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And now its an 9.7 like come on

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It regularly has to deal with all aspect sidewinders and all aspect R-60. Its a hopeless plane. No jet at this br should be without flares. Its just totally unplayable. 10.3 F-4F early is even worse in that regard, it has to deal with Aim-9l and & R-90M every match and without flares its almost pointless to play.

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G.91YS is even worse as its sub sonic and doesnt have flares the only thing it has is aim9Bs

Shouldn’t mig-23BN also have R-60 / R-13?
2 for self defense if I am correct

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The asnwer would be to mvoe aircraft equipped with all aspect missiles to a appropriate br.

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I can’t agree with this. The problem is we have a broken tech tree for air at the moment. What I mean by broken is mismatched and mismanaged, Someone mentioned the yak-38, which is basically useless right now, same as a lot of other vehicles from 9-10. Vehicles that didn’t have flares were not adjusted with the addition of the new premiums and TT variants with all aspect missiles. What we need for air is what they did for ground, restructure so you can’t get matched against them, The problem is when they added rank 8, they needed to boost it up to 14.0, so there was room to adjust 9-13.0 brackets, but they rushed it, which ruined top tier for everyone, 11 is a dead zone, you either have P2W pack people, or mig-29s/yak 114s and F-16s.

yes it can mount either two R-60s or 2 R13M1s
and according to weapons systems
it could mount BVP-50-60 flares and countermeasures

I think the East German MiG-23BNs were basic, didn’t have access to countermeasures or air to air missiles.

well that dosent make sense because the BN model was compatible with R13M1s and R-60s as well as the flare pods we see on the Mig 23 ML in the german TT. so we also know that east germany had these items in the arsenal. hence compatibility and access are not an issue

If you can find evidence of GDR MiG-23BNs using air to air armaments and countermeasures then by all means file a bug report. // Issues

Mig-23BN is in a far superior spot in BR without flares & missiles.

Most vehicles without flares like the MiG-23BN, F-4C and F-105D are Missilefodder for both the AIM-9L and R-60 missiles. If given the chance the MiG-23BN should absolutely get flares AT LEAST (not including the R-13M1).

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Then use the Mig-23BN exclusively as a bomber so A-10s never get close?
I’ll let you in a little secret: Minimum fuel + fuel pod.
Best fuel load for Mig-23BN.

The A-10A and SU-25 aren’t the only vehicles with crazy missiles for their Battle Rating, a example of this is the AV-8C with AIM-9Gs (you ain’t outspeeding or dodging them). The MiG-23BN also fights 10.3 (a Battle Rating infested with F-5Cs) and once they get on your six it’s usually over.

Even if the MiG-23BN got flares I doubt it would warrant a Battle Rating increase (unless this includes the introduction of missiles).


Aim-9Gs are rear-aspect only.
You just zoom passed them in a forced headon, & by the time they’re turned around you’re over 3km away.
F-5Cs are slow, a Mig-23BN that dies to an F-5C really had a bad hair day.
The biggest threat is F-4F, which… shouldn’t be too much of a threat if engaged correctly.