German MG3A1 machinegun unable to knock down fences is a feature, not a bug

You can knock down trees and everything else except these fences and walls, yet it’s not a bug, can someone explain why this is a feature?

Can any other rifle calibre MG do this?

i thought it was the ammo type tbh… APIT seems to be very powerful but not hollowpoint

.50s have no problem knocking them down, same with the walls.


I mean I knock down the trees behind the fence, the 7.62 fires AP and tracers.

yeah trees are fine… these specific fences are not lol. as a leo main these bother me

Just doesn’t make sense as they will trigger fuses and creating a one way barrier this way.

considering that WT is still in beta test… ill give gaijin time lol.


Yeah but it’s not a bug, so this is actually intended behaviour to exclude this MG commonly found on almost all Leopards and other tanks at higher BRs to be unable to destroy this.

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This is one of those things where bugs and features are just synonymous in this game, there is no logical explanation that this is how it’s supposed to work an why this is intended behavior, but somehow it is.


With zero explanation as to why this specific MG is prohibited from shooting down a fence, affecting a large amount of vehicles.

but 50s are 12.7mm, MG3 is 7.62.
The same applies to other 7.62mm MGs as well per example the british ones

A few .50s wouldn’t knock down a tree either and the 7.62 is able to knock down all the other obstacles, trees and fences, yet this specific one is stronger than a tree?

And from a gameplay perspective it’s also just ridiculous, .50s are already an insane advantage that’s not even considered for balancing and now there are even more random arbitrary advantages added to them?

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