German Hunter Squadron vehicle

The german squadron vehicle hunter is horendous to play atm, the missiles while good are still only IR and will not get you much in a BR where most things have flares. The real issue is the F5C/E and then the F5C in perticular. When the hunter was at 9.3 it saw common downtiers and uptiers to 10.3 were a nightmare cuz of the F5C being a very common aicraft due to its premium status. In a full downtier is was strong but by no means overpowered as i found it easy to deal with playing 9.3 myself when it was still there. Now that its at 9.7 downtiers are non existant and you have to play every match dealing with F5C’s and sometimes even F5E’s. This has made the hunter almost completely unplayable because its only redeeming quality’s are easily nulified. I would personally like to see the hunter’s BR reduced to 9.3 again maybe with a missile nerf as well, even if that might not be historical. The AIM-9E is a good change because its fairly similar in performance and other german planes use it to like the F-104 and the F4F.

Hunter is fine at it’s BR. AIM-9Js are far superior than most IR missiles at that BR.People will flare your missile and it’s a normal thing.It doesn’t mean that it needs to face flareless jets just because your missile can be flared.

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As is why i propose maybe a missile nerf, cuz the missile isn’t the issue its the plane’s performance.
it would work fine with a 9E maybe even a 9B

then what would be the difference between it and other lower BR hunters?

why does there need to be a difference? also the difference would be it being the only hunter with flares.
Flares don’t really matter at 9.3 and lower anyways but atleast it will be playable again.

It needs difference otherwise it’s just another useless c&p vehicle.

it is playable at it’s current state.Hunters always get 1-2 even 3 kills per match.

It’s ultimately a Superior hunter to the Hunter FGA9 with 2x 9E and no CMs we already have at 9.3. That’s why its at 9.7. Its the best Hunter in the game currently.

arguably its the worst hunter currently in the game just because of the BR match pool its in, maybe with some decompression it could be at 9.7 but in the current BR state there is no reason for it to be this high. Also since CMs barely make an impact at 9.3 since you can dodge most if not all missiles anyways how is it any better than the FGA9. Also if its fine at where it is and its such a good hunter then how come you barely see anyone playing them? i play around 10.0 all the time and those things are rare as shit nowadays. nobody plays them cuz it sucks where it is rn.

The FGA9 and F58 are identical airframes but exported to different nations.

The F58 has:

  • CMs, (which do make a big difference in those uptiers),
  • better IR missiles,
  • Drop tanks (could actually be used to great affect, run min fuel and drop tanks, wanted that for years)
  • only hunter with AGMs,
  • better compliment of ground attack weapons overall.

The Hunter FGA9 use to be 9.7 and use to suck.

Hunter F6 is 9.7 with no CMs, weaker airframe (can actually wing rip) and only 4x 0.8km IR missile (though they are getting buffed) For the record, the F6 use to be 10.3, it went 10.0 > 10.3 > 10.0 > 9.7 in a fairly short period of time. It was really really brutal at 10.3 vs F-5Cs exclusively and the SRAAMs ALWAYS go for flares

Out of the 3 AAM armed Hunters, the Hunter F58 is by far the best equipped for both air to air and air to ground currently. Dont forget GRB plays a big part in an aircrafts BR (annoyingly). So even with Aim-9Es like the FGA9, it still would likely be 9.7 with its A2Gs and CMs (very few, if any aircraft have CMs at 9.3, though dont quote me on that)

The entirity of the British community has been asking for the Hunter F58 for years, and the fact it went to the german tree made us all kinda salty.

Its a SQB vehicle, they take ages to farm and you can only do one at a time. Its always going to be a rare vehicle. But how many FGA9s or F6s do you see? Not many. That entire BR is brutal. Last time I tried the F6, I got immediately shot out the air by a A-6 firing a 9L. With no CM, nothing I could do.

Though I do actually see the Hunter F58 in GRB all the time when I was in a 10.0 line up. Was very effective for that role in that BR, which makes sense, it was the main Swiss ground attack aircraft of the era

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Having played the F-100D for quite a while (enough to get it aced) i can confidently say that the FGA9 is fairly common and fairly solid, also squadron vehicles are not rare if they are good. Take the leopard 2PL or the A4E early for example. Every time you play there respective BR’s you see atleast 1/2, same thing goes for stuff like the sea harier or the YAH-64

If you want, we can swap, Germany can take the FGA9 and Britain will take the F58. Its quite literally the aircraft we’ve been asking for for years.

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You wouldn’t hear me complaining about it tbh, i just need a rank 6 to grind german air. If they made the F58 to the FGA9 standards i couldn’t care less

No CMs, No AGMs and only 2x 9E? Trust me, it sucks.

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i’ve learned to play without CM’s by playing the F-100D. Most missiles you face are AIM9E and AIM9B which are both easy as hell to dodge
In the occasional uptier you might catch AIM9J/P’s or AIM9D’s but besides that CMs are not needed at 9.3

Every. Single. Time. I’ve tried either the FGA9 or F6 recently,. I find myself being shot down by an A-10 or A-6. With nothing I could do about it. 9Ls cant be dodged without flares.

Also 9Gs are quite common at 9.7 as well

The Hunter F58 is the best A-10 hunter in the game due to said flares.
No, it won’t do best against F-5s, but F-5s are a bit cracked compared to many other early cold war aircraft.

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Try maybe firing a missile at the 9L to trade it, with short range missiles like SRAAMS are AIM9B’s using them as improv flares is sometimes more effective, this is also a technique i used whilst playing the F100D

Yeah i’ve heard that tactic before, but I’ve never had much success. Just waiting on the Buffs to SRAAM.

Historically they had all-aspect and double the range. Not too mention their guidance is completely broken and has been for months.

Though I also got fed up with ARB and just play ASB these days

Also if you keep getting clapped at a certain BR then maybe it means your plane shouldn’t be there :)))