German Hunter Squadron vehicle

Yeah… Though SRAAMs even in their current broken state below 9.7 would just be broken. Just everything between 9.3-10.3 is massively compressed and it causes issues.

as i’ve stated with decompression 9.7 would be fine but currently i think 9.3 wouldn’t be bad, maybe even put the FGA9 at 9.0 as the 9E is barely better then the 9B is some scenarios. not enough to warrant a whole BR notch up anyways imo

Yeah, though then what do you do about the Hunter F1 with inferior stats and no AAMs at 9.0?

I think this might just be one of those cases where patience is needed. Fingers crossed they’ll actually sort out the compression issues sometime this decade.

Im just not sure the F58 could ever be balanced at 9,3 without stripping 90% of what makes it the F58. Just to shave off 1 BR stop that wont really change what you are facing, but now you are vastly weaker.

I’m semi surprised the F58 is ONLY 9.7. Like I said, Hunter F6 was 10.0 for years and even 10.3 briefly (glad gaijin changed their minds about that one quickly) So it wouldnt be beyond the realms of possiblity to actually see the F58 go up in rating.

I agree, it’s totally bad at 9.7 because in fact it should be 10.0… or do you think it’s fair for Mig15bis, F30/35 Sabre, and other 8.7s to face the F58?

This thing is totally bonkers at 9.7 and has no business sitting there.

Say what now? FGA9 to 9.0? Dude.

I think the other Hunters were just way too high all the time. The Mk.58 at 9.7 makes sense at least in Sim, where it is an ok-ish aircraft, but lacks of course in firepower when compared to others at this BR (e.g. A-7).

Putting it lower? Nah, can’t do that without removing Mavericks and 9P’s, and then it wouldn’t be a late Swiss Mk.58 anymore…

Yeah, dont think it will go up, but could be a lot lot worse