German F4f should get Aim7 or Aim9l missiles

The German phantom is the only Phantom in game that doesn’t get Radar guided missiles or all aspect IR missiles. I don’t know why this is but I would like to see this implemented into the game.


they are saving those for the phantom ice propably, if i understood it right the current one would be to weak for the br only with the addition of the aim 9l

The F4F can’t use Aim-7 and Aim-9L have been denied for the time being as it currently balance where it is. Furthermore the additions of Aim-9L would it’s BR to 11.3.


Because when they purchased F-4F, Germany wanted a cheaper, “lightweight” version of Phantom (at one point they even wanted it to be a single-seater version to save more weight) and asked for any and all Sparrow-related equipment to be removed that wasn’t otherwise necessary.

There was an upgrade in the 1980s to add Maverick and AIM-9L, but sources contradict each other on whether any Sparrow capability was re-introduced: A couple of websites say it was, but several books explicitly say it was not (and gaijin prefers books to websites).
At any rate, Germany does not appear to have purchased any AIM-7s at any point, and in general there’s no evidence of F-4F carrying any radar-guided missiles until the ICE upgrade with AMRAAM. So the scenario where it still could not equip Sparrow appears more likely.

If gaijin add AIM-9Ls to it, it will automatically go up to like BR 11.3 (somewhere between the MFG Tornado with 2x AIM-9L and the F-4EJ Kai)


What, why would it go to 11.3 with 4 aim-9Ls? We already have way better phantoms at 11.3 with better weapon systems.

At this point, it could probably stay at 10.7 with aim-9Ls. Would help counter the insane US win rates right now.


would still go up to at least 11,0 since 4 aim 9ls is strong, the problem is at that point it means 12,0 and for that the weaponry is way to weak on a shitty frame, and nearly all 11.0 matches are uptiers as a result the f4f is nearly useless

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If US teams actually has insane WRs, why my F-4F(late) has over 70%WR that is decent numbers.

Anyway, I would like to stay at 10.7BR without AIM-9Ls becuase I don’t see any problems for playing this thing in current meta.

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British phantoms need to get 9Ls too. Crazy they are at 11.3 with just 9Gs

it’s got a 56 percent on TS(which is actually up a bit) while the F-5E has a 79 percent(which it had last month as well)

We’ve got aim-9ls pretty low already. Everything is getting crushed by the US premium spam so it would be nice to have something to counter that.

The 4 aim 9l wont change that, what you are looking for is the Mig 23 MLA since it gets bvr/ radar missles as well, you might not like soviet equipment bu thats what u gotta use, germany didnt use any aim7 either so those arent an option

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Yeah below 11.0 on a bunch of subsonic attack aircraft. Not mach-1.5+, slatted fighter jets

The only thing with so much as a radar that has them below 11.0 is the Sea Harrier at 10.7 - same BR as the F-4F. A plane that is half as fast, has half the climb rate and a 6 second longer turn rate as the F-4F and nowhere near as many bombs, rockets and countermeasures.
Even the MFG Tornado IDS is 11.0 and that only has two AIM-9Ls and turns like a battleship.
There’s no way F-4F is staying at 10.7 with 4x AIM-9Ls. It’d probably go up to rank 8 as well.

If you think the A-10s with 4 aim-9Ls aren’t good then you must not have played them. Subsonic or not, you still have to get close to them and they will put turn the bell out of you.

You have the king of 1v1 fights with the F-5E and the F-5C is not shabby either. The F-4F with aim-9Ls will be fine at 10.7.

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It was moved to 10.7 due to player feedback. However, Smin has made it clear it can easily go back to 11.0. Furthermore it’s already been been established that F-4’s that get 9L’s but no radar missiles go to 11.3, while radar equipped ones go to 11.7.

Already been denied as it would require their BR’s to be increased.

Honestly, I’d be okay with the 4E and 4F getting 9Ls, they could still stay at 11.0, not many planes at 10.0+ lack flares now. And, once the BR cap inevitably goes to 12.3, which I hope it does soon, it should be a nice br for em.

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Tornado F3 with 9Ls and substantially better radar and better stats at 11.3. Not entirely sure why the British phantoms with 9Ls also at 11.3 would make any difference. Except we’d get a decent multi-role

They’ve gone back on lots of stuff.

I really don’t see the big deal about aim-9Ls on the F-4F at 10.7. It would actually make the thing worth flying.

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10.7 might be a little low for any Phantom with 9Ls due to their speed. Everything (I think) with 9Ls or all aspects below 11 are sub-sonic. But would absolutely be fine at 11.0

The trade of getting 9Ls but getting a 11.0 increase is not worth it at all. 9Js are more than capable and given the F-4F’s performance, it’s just a slept on F-5E really in turns of capability and effectiveness at that BR.