German BR 7.0 and above - is it worthy?

Hi. I really enjony playing 4.0, 6.0 and 6.7 sets in RB. Is it worthu to go above it? I have feeling, that russians are overpovered here. Meeting with ex. IS-3 is a misunderstanding. Can’t penetrate it even with Jagdtiger. I’m wondering if not to stop on 6.7 and try other nation.

I bet you will like Britain.

If you focus only on ground, I don’t see any fun at Germany at from 6-7 until you reach top tier. If you play air, the boh is a good heli and a couple of planes. I am not at expert because pretty much jumped all that until top

Anyways, about fun nations I like say Sweden, France and Russia. Others have some funny vehicles but I think that the grind doesn’t worth it

Germany has a TT hole from 6.7 to 7.7, so it’s obvious you’re going to struggle against 7.3s.
At 8.0 you again get pretty solid lineup, which is then continued onto 9.3 / 10.3 / 11.7.

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If you can’t pen an IS-3 with a JT, I don’t know what to say.

But yes there’s a horrible BR hole from 6.7, the 8.0 line-up is okay-ish, but mainly light vehicles with your only MBT’s being the Leo 1 and the awful M48A2 C.

Shot trap works wonders.

First IS-3 I took out was in the AEC II, at the scary BR of 3.0 (the AEC not the battle played, there were no UK light tanks any higher back then until they added the Warrior but that was not til 8.0!).

(not a shot trap of course since AEC has 130mm AP, you need magic APHE types like anything 5.3 and upwards. I know the US 76 one shots the shot trap, but of course IS-3 can donk those in return, so 6.3 and above do have a chance. This is why the game advises using more thsn one nation so you can understand situations better. Of course downside is you can spend years and years doing that while spanners rush up trees due to the questionable decision of Modern Thunder in a game with a grind structured as it is).

Dont touch germany between 7.0 to 8.3 is practically dead.

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Germany is just a discount Sweden at this point, no reason to play Germany when you can play Sweden.

go for sweden for top tier. they have the best leopards