German BO 105 twins

I was wondering if the German BO 105’s can be foldered. Tey present literally no advantage over the other except for an upgraded ATGM. Which by all means would be a modification for other vehicles.
The helicopter grind is already painful for the Germans with lacking air to air capability… NO air to air capability, no turret guns, and overall lacking loadout options.
If the Dev team would like to add the NH90 for the Germans or maybe the Sea lynx from the German navy then the grind will open up a lot more options… I’d be happy to present some in the suggestions threads.

Plus @leroyonly when are suggestions opening… I’m dying here.

Helicopters in general need a rework, the RP requirements for totally mediocre and side grade helicopters paired with no mode to grind them in is beyond ridiculous even for Gaijin standards, needing up to 30 hours to grind a single heli in the most boring mode known to mankind is not okay.


30 hours is being very optimistic.
plus, the pricings!
the BO 105 a1 is the third heli and already costs 990,000SL
the thing is barely justified for BR 9.3

I just took the RP from a heli PvE game that was around 2.5k RP per 10 minute or 15k RP per hour, or 25 hours for 380k RP, or like 50 hours without premium for a single helicopter.

My man ur efficient.
I wish the AA would be alightly nerged in range in heli pve though. Sometimws my missiles are only 3.5km and the gepards are firing at 4km. Quite the bother.
Ive learnt how to use terrain to lob missiles over and suprise unsuspecting AA but damn is it tough.

It’s still one of the worst helicopters, you get completely stomped on by the other helicopters because what is balance anyways.

Other helicopters dominate the mode and you just fight for scraps.


At least it’s better than Italy, god I would love to talk to whoever came up with that idea, go grind 400k RP using 14x mighty mouse rockets that do no damage, if there was ever an example of both incompetence, disregard for the player and devs not playing the game, the AB 205 is it.

On top of that, you make half their helicopters a premium and constantly remove both of them because???

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Its not even like top teir helis that get a ballistics computer and great optics do you can take long range shots its just, you get three rockets and a gun.
Take it or leave it lol.

Worst thing with the AB is that the trails aren’t even visible of the rockets, so you cannot even adjust your aim, as much as that is possible on a helicopter floating around in the first place.

What you need is range of like 4km to kill the SPAA and then the ability to kill a number of units, although this is also more difficult than before because they replaced the default targets with fully modeled vehicles that are waaaay harder to kill.

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Plus the .50 cals on the centurions also deal like damage worth a 20mm

Yeah that’s one of the biggest issues with PVE helo mode. Anything that doesn’t have long range missiles is just cannon fodder for the AA. Plus you run the risk of AA spawning randomly in range leaving little chance of surviving. You can’t even approach a mini base with the SAMs unless you have a top tier helo.

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This is so annoying as well, just have things spawn underneath you and slapping you out of the sky.