German Aviation Perspective (List of aircraft)

yak 141 wasn’t ever used by the Soviets/Russians either, but here we are.

was tested those vechicles werent even tested by germany nor france

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The PDF says it can use R-77 (РВВ-АЕ)

Yes, modernization included these weapons, including



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Dude, the modification is based on a German aircraft number “777”, it was shown at aviation exhibitions in France and Germany. Your comments are inappropriate


Maybe add Tornado IDS SLE @_Fleks

Added to the list

I guess we found the gap filler that will go inbetween F-4F ICE & EFT.

Yep. In my personal opinion, the Mig-29 Sniper, which was modified by Germany together with Romania and Israel, will also be suitable

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Romanian vehicles will end up in Italy. Germany wasn’t the only one who helped develop the upgrade package for it, you’ll have multiple nations claiming it so it’s best to give it to the nation whom it was developed for, it even has Romanian roundels.

That would be a good option as it has German involvement, also it can complete the East German line of the tree as otherwise with the 3-4 eurofighters and f-4f-ice its going to look pretty unbalanced.

Perhaps, but the fact remains that Germany participated in the creation of this modification, with subsequent testing of the aircraft on German territory, with a German pilot

Romania is not tied to a specific nation, even if Italy has some equipment

Source 777 was also for aircraft that later got modernised into smt

the russians getting desperate that germany once again is getting a better Mig 29

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its not going to get a better mig lol

tell that the 2 migs germany has and both perform better then the russian once

Except they arent getting another mig

The plane with this number is German, you still don’t understand this?

where is your source i still do not see it

giant ass 777 on german Mig 29s